Council for Faith in Action

UUCWC Adopts 8th Principle Reflecting Commitment to the Dismantling of Racism

NEWS RELEASE For immediate release UUCWC ADOPTS 8TH PRINCIPLE REFLECTING COMMITMENT TO THE DISMANTLING OF RACISM TITUSVILLE, N.J.—The Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing (UUCWC), a non-creedal religion bound by guiding Principles, adopted an 8th Principle at its 2018 annual meeting this summer. The 8th Principle states: “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist … Continued

The Ubiquity of Faith in Action

by Mike Wilson, Chair, Council for Faith in Action I have been wondering how people think about faith and how they are practicing a faith they can ascribe to being as a Unitarian Universalist (UU). Having never joined an organized religion before being a UU, the idea of religious faith seems antithetical to me. However, … Continued

We Are a Welcoming Congregation for All

The Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing is proud to be a Welcoming Congregation for all. We support people who are transgender and will work to ensure their lives and personhood will not be erased. UUCWC was one of the first five UU congregations in the US to be designated as a Welcoming Congregation.  Read … Continued

Visions for a New Church Year with the Racial Justice Initiative

by Mary McKillip, Chair, Racial Justice Initiative As new chair of the Racial Justice Initiative, I want to express my excitement and anticipation for the year ahead! The monthly theme of vision is timely as I think about what I envision in the coming year and beyond for the racial justice work in our congregation. … Continued

RJI Praxis Group Update – August 2018

by Dan Tuft Hello again everyone and as promised in this final installment of the updates from the Racial Justice Initiative (RJI) Praxis Group that ended after our June meeting, I am combining highlights of our May and June meetings below. Read through to the end of this article for what is happening next! 4. … Continued

UUCWC Members Donate 34 Backpacks to HomeFront Back-to-School Project

by Pam Wallace This year members, groups and friends of the congregation donated a record number of backpacks, all stuffed with school uniforms and school supplies, to help 34 HomeFront kids start the school year off right and have a brighter, happier year at school. In addition, The Dancing Spirits group donated $160 directly to … Continued

UU FaithAction NJ: 2 Things to Do to Support Immigrants

From UU FaithAction NJ: It has been a busy week on the US border and in the halls of power–and very little of it was good. Many of us are horrified at the latest round of inhumane and unjust treatment of immigrants, including the highly publicized removal of children from their parents. Two things you … Continued

8th Principle Adopted; Summer Workshop and Reading List

On Sunday, June 3, 2018 our UUCWC congregation voted by a supermajority to adopt the 8th Principle. This vote is an important step in our congregation’s racial justice journey which began back in the 1960’s. Where our collective journey goes from here depends on all of us living into this principle in our own way. … Continued

RJI Praxis Group Update – June 2018

8. Institutional Transformation The congregation engages in critical self-assessment and seeks outside consultation to ensure that power structures and practices align with stated racial justice values and make space for diverse leadership and participation. Our April Praxis area was Institutional Transformation. We will have one more submission for CrossCurrents that will summarize our final two … Continued

Proposed Change to Bylaws on Public Expression

The Council for Faith in Action is proposing a change to UUCWC’s bylaws to facilitate UUCWC expressing itself publicly in alignment with our principles. PROPOSED BYLAW CHANGES REGARDING PUBLIC EXPRESSION RATIONALE FOR PROPOSED CHANGE TO BYLAW, ARTICLE III CONGREGATION, SECTION 3 PUBLIC EXPRESSION: The current bylaw was developed when UUCWC was small and issues moved … Continued