UUCWC’s Racial Justice Ministry is part of the Council for Faith in Action and is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the 8th Principle at UUCWC. We see our goal as supporting individuals on their journey to becoming active advocates/accomplices for bringing about racial justice. We also hold the organization accountable to integrating a racial justice lens and eliminating implicit bias in all policies and practices of the church.

Racial Justice Ministry news and updates

Our goals for 2021-2022 :

Goal – Working with Right Relations, enhance congregational awareness and commitment to the spirit/practice of the 8th principle at both an individual and systemic level by:

  • Revising specific church policies & practices to adhere to the principles of transformative justice – when do we involve police and why, what can we do as individuals and a church community to find/use safe alternatives,
  • Bringing the concept of restorative justice and how that changes our organizational behavior to the congregation by asking for feedback on the policy and practice changes,
  • Using these feedback sessions to also refresh congregants understanding of the 8th principle and ask them to:
    • Identify where they are on their journey for racial justice – on the continuum from awareness to activism and
    • Ask how we can best support them in their commitment to role modeling antiracist behavior in their lives and in the church.

Goal – Continue to fill identified gaps in support opportunities that move congregants along the continuum from awareness to activism by:

  • Implementing delayed public speaker forums in 2022. The forums are intended to educate congregants, attract other like-minded people to see UUCWC as a credible partner in the work of antiracism and bring voices of color to the center of our discussions about antiracism work.
  • Use the resources/connections we have available for speakers to center the voices of people of color in our pulpit – the goal is to normalize the presence and affirm the voices of people of color in our services.

Goal – Incrementally but intentionally raise the expectations of congregants about their role in the work of racial justice by:

  • Drafting recommended practical and specific expectations of all members to demonstrate accountability to the 8th principle. Add these expectations to curriculum for new members.
  • Drafting minimum requirements for church leadership (committee chairs, board members etc.) to demonstrate a heightened, role model level of accountability to the 8th principle.

Contact racialjustice@uucwc.org if you would like to learn more or become involved in our work.

Download and print a copy of the covenant here.