UUCWC’s Racial Justice Ministry is part of the Council for Faith in Action and is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the 8th Principle at UUCWC. We see our goal as supporting individuals on their journey to becoming active advocates/accomplices for bringing about racial justice. We also hold the organization accountable to integrating a racial justice lens and eliminating implicit bias in all policies and practices of the church. Join us on the first Tuesday of the month to discuss our work toward our values; contact racialjustice@uucwc.org for details. 

UUCWC and Community Racial Justice Events 

Our Values 

Our work is long-term. We have recognized antiracism as a core principle for both individuals and the church. We acknowledge that the journey is long. As a principle, we dedicate steadfast energy to this essential work of anti-racism. 

Our work is communal. We also recognize that becoming antiracist is a journey where we all, as individuals, as leaders, and as a church, will be in various places on the continuum of awareness to accountability to action. We want to be open to change, eager to learn, nonjudgmental of others’ journeys, and practicing humility. This work is to call people in, not to call people out.

 • Our work is covenantal. This work is a chosen relationship or partnership in which we make binding promises to each other and work together to reach a common goal. We are invited into this work, and we have chosen this work. 

Our work is inclusive. What we do together and individually to dismantle racism has strong implications for how we handle other oppressions covered by the 8th principle. Agreeing to this covenant sets the baseline for how we address other oppressions. It does not negate, compete with, or diminish our promise to do that work.

The Covenantal Invitation 

Members, Prospective Members, and Friends: We invite you to start right where you are and join us on the journey on the continuum from awareness to accountability to action. We ask that you have a commitment to continuous learning with your eyes and heart wide open to new information and new ways to be in the world. We encourage you to do as much as time and circumstances allow. 

Congregational Leaders: We invite you to step into your leadership role as role models for the work of antiracism. Your journey will continue to be unique to you, but you will be the norm setters. We call you to do your leadership work through a lens of dismantling racism on each and every committee, board, and ministry goal.

The Church: We invite the church into the work of antiracism by being open to continuous self-assessment of policies and practices that may intentionally or unintentionally support implicit bias as we know that institutional racism can be highly hidden and insidious. The items on your list of this covenant require transparency, humility, and courage as an institution. We call on the church to ensure that the work of the 8th principle continues to be a long-term commitment for the institution and not just rely on individual member’s commitment. RJM has a high level of confidence that our history as a church has prepared us for this work. We are and will continue to be an exemplar in the work of social justice.

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Awareness/Education: Learning
Accountability/Engagement: Accepting 
Action/Advocacy: Doing

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Contact racialjustice@uucwc.org if you would like to learn more or become involved in our work.

Download and print a copy of the covenant here.