Rev. Kim Wildszewski

On Stories

Rev. Kim uses stories to reflect on a quote by American Reform Theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr, that asks us to consider hope, faith, love and forgiveness.

August Theme: Story
Our lives are not just made up of stories; they are are also made by stories. This might … read more.

That I May Find Myself Content

We close out our theme of Letting Go with a sermon on grief, forgiveness, and contentedness.

July Theme: Letting Go

“When cast into the depths, to survive, we must first let go of things that will not save us. Then we must reach out for the things … read more.

Foundational Stories

Wouldn’t it be handy if we had a common set of stories that we could count on most Unitarian Universalists knowing? It could be great shorthand, similar to how Christians can say “sow your seeds in the good soil,” and most will understand the reference … read more.

Expectation and Letting Go

As we venture into July’s theme of Letting Go, we begin by discerning the expectations we carry. How might our spirit flourish if we were unencumbered, if we let go, of the expectations we embody?

July Theme: Letting Go

“When cast into the depths, to survive, we … read more.

The Names of Beauty

Rev. Kim looks to deepen our monthly theme of Beauty by preaching on how different cultures understand and search for Beauty.  Bernie Ruekgauer offers music on this Father’s Day Sunday. 

June’s Theme: Beauty
Where do you look for beauty? There is universal agreement that we all … read more.

Blessing of the Animals

For our 5th Sunday in June, and our last on the theme of Beauty, Robin Pugh and Rev. Kim will offer our second Animal Blessing. Come rain or shine (Crossings Room or out on the lawn), bring your pet, symbol, picture, collar, or stuffed animal … read more.

Flower Communion

On this Sunday we once again tell the story of Norbert Capek, and share in what is now Unitarian Universalists’ annual Flower Communion service, based off his ministry.  All are welcome on this celebration Sunday.  Please bring a flower of any kind!


June’s Theme: Beauty
Where … read more.

Seasons of Beauty

Join in this annual service in which we honor the seasons of our shared life together. On this day we celebrate our newest members, say good bye to those leaving UUCWC, including our Ministerial Resident, dedicate and bless two of our children, and help our … read more.

Who We Are

200 years ago this weekend William Ellery Channing preached his famous “Baltimore Sermon” in which he addressed the epithet of being a Unitarian. To kick off May’s theme on Curiosity, this Sunday we explore Channing’s radical work and wonder together on who we are … read more.


The joy and grandeur in the story of Easter cannot be unbound from the exploration of betrayal, distrust and evil in the world. This Easter we consider what lives, what saves, in the midst of cruelty and how we, as religious liberals, answer to the … read more.