Speaker: Rev. Kim Wildszewski

To Play is to Regulate

During this hot and challenging season of our lives, we will spend this morning in praise of play. Rev. Kim brings reflections on the high five, the still important parts of competition, and the requirement to regulate our bodies now more than ever before. 

In Service to the Spirit

Join Rev. Kim for this year’s final sermon won at the 2023 Auction. Purchased and inspired by Belinda Seiger, we will explore the invitation, charge and possibilities of a life of service, and what on earth that could mean in times such as these with … read more.

Flower Communion

Gather for our annual Flower Communion, our yearly joyful reflection on all that we’ve grown this church year, and all that is still to make true. Our choir, plus a three-part band will accompany this beloved ritual. Bring a flower from your garden or a … read more.

Question Box

The annual Question Box service is back! Ask Rev. Kim anything you’d like! Theology, history, congregational life, her thoughts on … anything! She will answer as many questions as possible in lieu of a sermon. Questions emailed to Rev. Kim beforehand are appreciated, but not … read more.

The Invention of Yesterday

Join Rev. Kim in an exploration of Maria Baratta’s auction-won sermon on the book The Invention of Yesterday, transformation, influence, and impact.

Following the service we welcome back Dynasty Battles for a brief 30-minute concert in the sanctuary. Our annual Budget Meeting directly follows at 11:45.

We Will Eat Cake!

On the anniversary of ten years of shared ministry, Rev. Kim invites us all to welcome our newest members, consider our monthly theme of pluralism, the plight of hero worship and the charge to cancel cancel culture. With guest musician Rena Xu on flute, and … read more.

Think Like a Mushroom

In her recent writings, author and activist, adrienne maree brown, says we should “think like a mushroom.” On this Joys & Sorrows Sunday, how might we think like our earth teacher? 

Unknowing, Attending, Surrender

Come hear the incredible music of Dynasty Battles, while sharing in or witnessing to our monthly ritual of joys and sorrows.

Dynasty Battles, the recipient of the 2021 Career Advancement Award by the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia, has been featured with soprano Marietta Simpson in … read more.