Speaker: Rev. Kim Wildszewski

Think Like a Mushroom

In her recent writings, author and activist, adrienne maree brown, says we should “think like a mushroom.” On this Joys & Sorrows Sunday, how might we think like our earth teacher? 

Unknowing, Attending, Surrender

Come hear the incredible music of Dynasty Battles, while sharing in or witnessing to our monthly ritual of joys and sorrows.

Dynasty Battles, the recipient of the 2021 Career Advancement Award by the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia, has been featured with soprano Marietta Simpson in … read more.

Celebration Sunday

We gather for this yearly sermon on the state of our congregation and the dreams we’re ready to make true. Come member, friend, and visitor to remember why UUCWC matters, and to be invited into its future.

This service will also feature special music from … read more.

The Roles We Play

Mr. Rogers told us to look for the helpers, but helpers are not always the frontline workers, the disrupters, or the advocates we can easily identify. How do we look for hope and find the helpers? How do we find ourselves within the sea of people … read more.

The Rungs

We gather this Sunday to consider a new theme, new earth teacher, new centering song, and the continued ritual of sharing our Joys & Sorrows.

A Mysterious Earthly Religion

Join Rev. Kim as she takes on this auction-won sermon on mystery, the human experience, and what it means to be faithful as a Unitarian Universalist.

There are opportunities to bid on up to 4 sermons each year at the Auction; winners suggest the topic. This … read more.

On Generations

On this Martin Luther King Sunday we are honored to welcome Lenape Nation leader Barbara “Bluejay” Michalski to UUCWC. She and Rev. Kim will share this important Sunday to discuss stewardship, reparation, land acknowledgments, relationship and so much more.