Speaker: Rev. Kim Wildszewski

Flower Communion

For 100 years Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists have celebrated the Flower Ceremony in different ways all throughout the world. This Sunday, gather in thanks, in celebration, and in awe of the bounty we are together. Congregational picnic with professional musicians will follow! All are welcome!

Circle of Life

Each spring we honor the changes that have taken place in the life of our community: births and deaths; new unions and untanglings; retirements and moves; bridging and dedications. Come to lift up or be lifted up as the wheel of life turns. Our Annual … read more.

What They Cannot Do Themselves

With members of the Choir singing, we explore Susan Vigilante’s auction-won sermon on our power and purpose at the end of a loved one’s life. The congregation will also welcome our new Director of Family Ministry, Julie Rigano. Our Annual Budget Meeting will follow this … read more.

Imagine You Are Free

What would it mean to give ourselves and others the radical permission to say Yes? Gather to share our joys and sorrows; to mark Mother’s Day; to imagine together a radical Yes.

The Intimate and Ultimate of the Earth

In recognition of Earth Day, and with thanks for our Earth and Climate Ministry for purchasing this Auction sermon, we come to consider our relationship with and to the Earth. The Choir will be singing! 

Mundane Miracles, Resurrection and Joy!

Join together this Sunday to celebrate the intersection of Easter and Passover and Spring’s teachings, all while considering our monthly theme of Resistance!  All children and youth will enjoy a Super Sunday and begin in the Crossings Room at 10:00am. 

This service will feature special music … read more.

The Vulnerability of Commitment

Join in celebrating the commitment of our newest members, as a String Quartet accompanies our Choir! We also welcome Anagha Kapsi as a special musical guest.

Anagha Kapsi is a distinguished honors high school senior attending the University Scholars Program – PALCS. She has been playing … read more.