Updates and Upcoming Events from UU FaithAction NJ:

UU Faith Action NJ – Fall Issues Conference 2020
Saturday, November 7, 9am – 3:30pm
Virtual Event
Theme: Youth and Justice

A special effort is being made to invite and integrate (and listen to) UU youth and young adults as well as relevant student groups from NJ high schools, colleges and universities. If you know youth/young adults who might be interested, please invite them to check us out! More information and the registration link here. There is no registration fee.


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Mission and Vision statement of UU FaithAction NJ (formerly the UU Legislative Ministry of New Jersey), a statewide network of the 21 New Jersey Unitarian Universalist congregations:

“Grounded in our Unitarian Universalist faith, we are confronting systemic injustice and building a more compassionate society by:

  • Educating ourselves and others on social and political issues
  • Mobilizing individuals and congregations to act for justice
  • Advocating for equitable and sustainable public policy

at state and local levels in New Jersey. We envision a just New Jersey free from systemic oppression and greed, full of engaged people committed to each other, to our communities, and to the Earth.”

UU FaithAction NJ coordinates grassroots advocacy and works to establish public policy that is consistent with Unitarian Universalist principles and purposes. It also strengthens social justice programs at the congregational level, facilitates communication among congregations and serves as a source of information.

Here is a small sampling of past and current work of UU FaithAction NJ’s volunteer task forces:

  • Environmental Justice
    Supporting legislation requiring greater use of renewable, earth-friendly energy sources (RETA) and reducing lead in NJ water supplies.
  • Criminal Justice
    Addressing longstanding racial and economic bias in the NJ justice system through Bail and Parole reform, Special Prosecutors in cases of possible racial bias, radical reduction of the use of Solitary Confinement in NJ prisons, Racial Bias Impact Statements.
  • Immigration Justice
    Standing up for undocumented immigrants unfairly targeted for deportation; drivers’ licenses for undocumented people; sensible immigration reform.
  • Reproductive Justice
    Leading signature legislation effort around protecting clinic workers; championing intersectionality of reproductive issues with race, class, and environmental realities.
  • Gun Violence Prevention
    Resisting the weakening of NJ gun legislation (e.g. the possible expansion of Concealed Carry); supporting “Smart” guns technology, community education efforts.
  • Economic Justice
    Support for the pay equity for women, fair sick leave legislation, and fair housing efforts based on the historic (and unrealized) Mt. Laurel NJ Supreme Court decision.

UU FaithAction NJ also provides direct resources to congregations and our coalition allies:

  • Local Policing/Black Lives Matter Congregational Toolkit
    An interfaith project, spearheaded by UULMNJ, to educate local law enforcement and connect communities around and antiracist, violence-and-bias reduction agenda.
  • Legal Advocacy Project (LAP)
    To advocate within the NJ courts on issues of justice and equity; to create and move through the NJ Legislature signature legislation reflecting UU values.  Current UULMNJ sponsored legislation supports address confidentiality for women’s reproductive health care workers and clinicians.
  • Sanctuary Congregations/Sanctuary Cities
    A project with the Immigration Task Force to educate and energize NJ UUs and allies to stand against overly harsh regulation of undocumented immigrants in our state.

Stand with us. This work is more important than ever: a moral voice for compassionate public policy right here in New Jersey.  We can lead the way.

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