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Letter from Rev. Kim

day Malcolm’s death and absence descend on us in new ways. This cruel
time has only been softened by the awe-inducing love of our villages. 
We are grateful for each of you and for the countless ways you have and
continue to hold us … read more.

Letter From Rev. Kim

Dear Friends,

Of all the times I wrote out the script in my head – of our first conversation after sabbatical, I assure you, it did not sound like this.

First off, I am still, somehow, I think, within the bounds of my sabbatical … read more.

The Sabbatical Team Welcomes Questions

Rev. Kim’s sabbatical began in late December with a wonderful send-off, and will continue until May 3, when we celebrate her return. During her journey of Rediscovery, the Sabbatical Team is available to you for questions or assistance about the day-to-day operations of the … read more.

A Note About Sabbatical from Rev. Kim

(Sabbatical starts December 25, 2019 and ends May 3, 2020)


As I
begin my 6th year of ministry with you, I am amazed at how time,
trust and open hearts has allowed us to grow together.  In preparation for my sabbatical this winter,
I catch myself missing my … read more.

Creating Church

This summer and early fall I have had the privilege of working more closely with some committees and ministries than my schedule typically allows. In July I was with the Right Relations Committee where we began to think of covenanting as a practice, and where … read more.