Auction Proceeds Help to “Change The World”

by Holly Bussey, Faith Expression Funding Team Facilitator

Our annual auction supports all that we hope to achieve in the coming year. Auction proceeds are a significant source of funding of our annual operating budget. Additionally, when there is a surplus, 50% of those monies are donated to a justice organization.

This year, Council for Faith In Action (CFA) has selected Snipes Farm and Education Center as the 2023 Auction recipient. Snipes’ mission is to model and teach sustainable farming while building community and reconnecting people to the land. This group spans several needs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey including food insecurity, good nutrition, education and sustainability of the land.

Snipes’ vision is seeing the world where everyone has access to healthy food, open space and the experience of farming, where local economies are strengthened by the preservation of small farms, and where priority is given to sustaining the earth and its natural resources.

The more we raise at our auction, the more we can give to Snipes. Please donate services and goods and plan to attend (and spend) during the auction. Invite a friend, neighbor or colleague or family members. Because it will be virtual ANYONE can attend (and bid/spend) AND WIN!

For more information or questions, please contact or