cong_meetingUnder the Board’s policy-based governance approach, the Board has a fiduciary responsibility for overall governance of church operations, as defined in the by-laws. The Board is also responsible for clarifying the responsibility, authority, and accountability of the minister.

The board and minister delegate responsibility and authority for day-to-day church operations to groups that have traditionally carried them out. The Board does this in consultation with the minister through policies that clarify responsibility, authority, and accountability among governance committees and other groups at UUCWC. In general, governance committees are accountable to the board.

The minister supervises staff and has responsibility for direct day-to-day leadership of church operations, in collaboration with ministry teams and other groups as appropriate. In general, these teams and other groups are accountable to the minister.

A person or group with responsibility for an area is assigned decision-making authority for that area, usually with the requirement to consult other people or groups as needed. The decision maker is accountable for following the policy.

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