The Endowment Committee has begun its annual grant application process. Due to gains in our investments, we are able to offer Endowment Grants which are used to benefit UUCWC and support at least one of the 8 UU Principles. The projects must begin during the 2022-2023 church year and be items that would not be included in the regular church budget.  Applications are due by 12 noon on Sunday March 6.

Funds are limited and the Endowment Committee will not be able to fund everyone’s request. In an effort to fund more than one project, the Committee may award partial grants to multiple projects. The Committee expects to notify applicants by the end of March. Please direct any questions to

Please download a copy of the application, fill it out, and send it electronically to You can also complete the form online here.
Endowment Grant Application (Word document | PDF)

UUCWC’s Endowment Fund:

The UUCWC Endowment Fund…

… is our savings account for the future. Just as families save so that they can enrich their lives and cover unforeseen emergencies, so should UUCWC. The fund is a completely separate entity from the operating budget of the church and funds are distributed only by the Endowment committee.

How will the funds be used?

The fund is used to support unique projects at UUCWC through grants to committees, groups or members for items outside of the annual budget which will enrich all our lives. Only under extraordinary circumstances may the funds be used to cover deficits in the operating or capital budgets. In the past years, funds have been distributed to support special Social Action projects, enhance Religious Education programming, improve technology and, most recently, the endowment provided a seven year loan for the installation of solar panels at the church. The funds were returned in under two years (in June of 2010.)

Investing for the future

How is the fund managed?

The fund is managed by the Endowment Committee, which consists of at least four UUCWC members each elected by the congregation for three year terms. The committee functions under the church bylaws and articles of incorporation established by the UUCWC Board of Trustees.

Investments and Income

The funds are invested with the UUA Common Endowment fund. UUCEGF is a professionally managed, diversified fund that express and supports UU values through Socially Responsible Investing. Each year a portion of the fund’s income, if available, is dispersed through grants.


How do I make a donation?

Donations in any amount may be made at any time, either as an immediate gift or as a deferred charitable donation made through your will. (See below for suggested form for bequests.) Gifts may also be given as a memorial to a loved one.

Checks should be made payable to “UUCWC” with “Endowment” on the memo line.

What may I donate?

Donations are typically in the form of cash, stocks or bonds. With the committee’s approval, real estate or some other type of asset may be donated. In some cases, the donor may retain the use of the asset for life. Donations of property such as stocks that have appreciated substantially during ownership may result in significant income tax savings for the donor.

May funds be donated for a restricted purpose?

Yes, provided the purpose is consistent with the mission of the UUCWC Endowment Committee.

For further information please contact one of the members of the Endowment Committee.

Seven reasons why you need a will

  • A will decides who receives your property after your death.
  • A will can save unnecessary expenses.
  • A will can save taxes.
  • Trusts can be created both to minimize taxes and to provide financial management for your beneficiaries.
  • A guardian can be named to care for your minor children and their assets.
  • Appropriate individuals and/or a bank trust department can be named to serve as executor and/or trustee.
  • Worthy charitable institutions and organizations can be named in your will.

Suggested Form of Bequest

“I give to the Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing, Titusville, New Jersey, or to its successor, the sum of _________ dollars or the following assets _________ to be added to and held as part of the Endowment Fund of the church.”

The legal name of the fund, for use in preparing wills, checks, or documents of transfer, is:

Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing Attn: Endowment Fund

We suggest obtaining the aid of your attorney or tax consultant before finalizing a gift to the Endowment Fund.

Donors and their representatives may contact the Endowment Committee for details on arranging gifts.