Welcome to UUCWC! We know that it is a brave thing to enter a community for the first time. Here are a few things to know before arriving to make your time as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

Please complete this short form to let us know you are here and to connect with our online ministry and programs.

Getting here and parking
church_doorWe are at 268 Washington Crossing–Pennington Road in Titusville, N.J. – that church that doesn’t look like a church! If you’re coming east on Washington Crossing–Pennington Road, take the sharp turn onto Old Washington Crossing Road slowly; it’s a doozy! On Sundays, we have three parking spaces to the left of the front doors and two parking spots to the right as you enter the parking lot that are reserved for visitors. You will also find accessible parking spaces near the front door for people with disabilities and a ramp leading into the main lobby.

Though it doesn’t look like we have much parking, there is additional parking on the grounds. We pride ourselves on being a green sanctuary and have created a “permeable” parking area on the grass behind the paved parking lot. This area will support your car, even when the weather is bad. Please note: The grass lining the drive as you approach the church is not permeable, meaning there is no support under the mud — so you can get stuck on a wet day! (We are working on this.) If you can’t find a spot to park and choose to park on Old Washington Crossing Road, we ask that you respect the neighbors’ driveways.
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Entering our front door
10872974_10205350629713628_2342840056901154380_oGreeters and the minister will welcome you as you enter the lobby. We will invite you to complete a connection card, which asks for your name and contact information (optional of course) and also your child’s information if you plan to have her or him participate in our Religious Education experience. Here, you will also find name tags, pamphlets about Unitarian Universalism, and large-print orders of service.

At the sanctuary door, you will be greeted by ushers with an order of service. Here, you will see unique and intentional architecture that speaks to our values. The ceiling lifts from the back toward the pulpit, mirroring our aspirations that continue to grow. The 250 seats are set in a semicircle to create a feeling of being in community with one another. You will see one stained glass window, a keepsake from our previous location in Trenton. The large blank wall behind the pulpit brings about much conversation. It can offer you a blank slate to consider the words and song of the time together.

If you need assisted-listening devices, they are available at the sound booth when you enter the sanctuary. Our aisles are accessible for wheelchairs and walkers. If you need a chair moved or would prefer a chair with arms, please ask an usher to assist you. Restrooms are available for individuals of whatever gender identity fits.
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9:00am or 11:00am service
When should I come and what’s the difference?
all-age-choirFrom September through late May, UUCWC has two separate, hour-long services. The first service begins at 9:00 am; the second, at 11:00 am. Though both of these services are identical in content and music, they can feel rather different.

Our 9:00 am service is a lower-attendance service, averaging about 50 attendees and 5 children. Folks tend to sit spread out, and the tone can feel more contemplative.

Our 11:00 am service averages about 150 adults and 75 children. Because some folks are still in Fellowship Hour  and others are only just arriving, parking gets tight before our second service and should be a consideration when arriving for the start of the service.

At both services, children aged 2 and under are invited into our nursery. Safe, loving childcare for our infants and toddlers is provided each week by our experienced, paid child care workers. You are welcome to take your infant into the service, or if the child becomes fussy, to sit in the foyer, where the service is broadcast.

Children who are old enough for Religious Education stay in the service for the first 15 minutes or so before being taken to their classrooms. Our Religious Education programming differs from one service to the next as well; click here to learn more.

From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, we have a single, hour-long service at 10:00 am. Religious Education programming takes a summer break during this period.
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What are children’s religious education classes like?
At the 9:00 service, Religious Education  is offered for children aged pre-K through 5th grade in a “one-room schoolhouse,” with all ages in the same space. Children sixth grade and older are encouraged to attend worship. At the 11:00 service, Religious Education  is divided by grade. We offer six different Religious Education classes for children from pre-K through 9th grade.

Children who are old enough for Religious Education stay in the service for the first 15 minutes or so. They are invited forward for a Story for All Ages before the congregation sings them off to their classes with a UU hymn, “Go now in peace.” Parents are welcome to attend class with their child until the child feels comfortable.

teens_trash-day-hvOur Youth Group (9th through 12th grade) meets the first and third Sunday of each month, from 12:30 to 2:00 pm.

Our Director of Lifespan Religious Education is Robin Pugh.
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What happens in a service?
Explore Sunday worship.
Because we do not have one source or text, like a bible, our services are crafted around a monthly theme, allowing us to enter a month-long conversation with one another. An outline of a typical order of service can be found below.

service_hymnWe sing hymns — some that may sound familiar but with words that fit our worldview and theological plurality. Twice a month there is a general “meditational prayer” that invites us into a time of quiet and reflection. The other two weeks a month, we make space for a “Joys & Sorrows” ritual, in which the community is invited to share a personal joy or sorrow. There is a sermon, financial affirmation, and lots of beautiful music.

Because Unitarian Universalism is not bound by creed (a statement of belief), our theological diversity is rich. At UUCWC, atheists, theists, earth-based practitioners, and big history cosmology folks all gather under the same roof, hear the same sermons, and sing the same hymns. We believe that our diversity is our greatest strength, from which our hearts, spirits, and world views are expanded. If you’d like to know more, Rev. Kim invites you to an upcoming Roots conversation.
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What happens after the service?coffee-hr-2
Join us for fellowship.
After each service, there is a Fellowship Hour, downstairs in our Crossings Room. A wheelchair-accessible lift is also available near the front door. Coffee, light snacks, and great company can be found in this time together.

When you arrive downstairs, look for anyone holding a large red mug. Those people help visitors to engage in conversations during coffee hour and can address a wide range of questions that a visitor may ask.
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