Welcome to UUCWC! We know that it is a brave thing to enter a community for the first time, whether in  person or virtually.

UUCWC is holding multiplatform (online and in-person) services each Sunday at 10am.  Please click here for more information.

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What happens in a service?
Explore Sunday worship.
Because we do not have one source or text, like a bible, our services are crafted around a monthly theme, allowing us to enter a month-long conversation with one another. An outline of a typical order of service can be found here.

service_hymnWe sing hymns — some that may sound familiar but with words that fit our worldview and theological plurality. There is a general “meditational prayer” that invites us into a time of quiet and reflection. There is a sermon, financial affirmation, and lots of beautiful music.

Because Unitarian Universalism is not bound by creed (a statement of belief), our theological diversity is rich. At UUCWC, atheists, theists, earth-based practitioners, and big history cosmology folks all gather under the same roof, hear the same sermons, and sing the same hymns. We believe that our diversity is our greatest strength, from which our hearts, spirits, and world views are expanded.