The Coming of Age (COA) program is done throughout the UU denomination with 14 – 17 year-olds as a way to acknowledge the transition from child to adult.  The goals of the COA program are:

    • To encourage youth to explore what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist;
    • To help youth move into the adult role of identifying and acting on personal beliefs and values;
    • To recognize and publicly honor the movement of a youth from childhood to adolescence within the Unitarian Universalist tradition.

Through mentoring and classes, the COA program:

    • Encourages youth to discuss, reflect on, and clarify their personal religious beliefs as part of lifespan faith development;
    • Provides opportunities for independent thinking, assuming responsibility, decision-making and exploration of values;
    • Encourages youth to put faith into action in their own lives and community.
    • Components of COA usually include youth being paired with a mentor to work on above stated goals, planning and implementing a service project, and presenting a credo (statement of faith) as part of a Coming of Age ceremony. The program can include a trip to a site of UU heritage, such as Boston to visit the UUA and other historical UU places.

Contact Julie Rigano, Director of Family Ministry, at for more information.