UUCWC Joins Other UU Congregations in Anti-NRA Advertisement

In this day of instant change, responses sometimes need to be immediate. So, when Rev. Kim contacted UUCWC’s Council for Faith in Action-Faith Funding Expression Team (CFA-FEFT) one recent evening, asking about the possibility of supporting the call from a UU Congregation in Houston, response was near immediate.

The First UU Church of Houston was planning to take out a full page ad in the Houston Chronicle on Saturday, May 28 calling for the city to revoke the NRA’s convention contract and to refuse to enter into future contracts allowing the NRA to rent space on city property.

Ads like this are not cheap and ministers and others were asking for support. Contributing congregations’ names would also appear in the ad. In less than 12 hours, CFA-FEFT had approved a contribution and Rev. Kim was able to report in the affirmative.

This is an example of “CHANGING THE WORLD” by utilizing partners. We hope to obtain a copy of the ad to share in the near future.

Holly Bussey,
on behalf of CFA-FEFT members