Adult Faith Engagement

The Adult Faith Engagement (AFE) Ministry is a key part of life at UUCWC.  As valuable as attending Sunday Services, AFE offers you different ways to explore important issues in your life in a safe and supportive environment.  Ongoing programs are offered under the themes of Racial Justice (with Council for Faith In Action), Spiritual Deepening, Being UU, Leadership (for Facilitators) and Membership (Roots and Wings).  AFE offers a facilitator training and can support congregants to develop programs that further the mission and vision of Adult Faith Engagement at UUCWC.

Building Committee

The Building Committee is composed of a group of people who help with building repairs and maintenance – everything from changing light bulbs and purchasing paper towels to overseeing major roof repairs. The Committee is also responsible for long-range planning for the replacement of major mechanical systems (e.g., heating and air conditioning) and enhancement of our building (e.g., solar panels).

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for external communications and selected internal communications that advance internal and external awareness of UUCWC and its mission. The committee works to ensure that communications within the church are maintained and disseminated to the congregation in a timely manner, and to publicize UUCWC and its news, events, and activities to the greater community.

Community-Building Ministry

The UUCWC Community-Building Ministry is dedicated to fostering our sense of community through monthly events and gatherings. We plan fun-filled events that promote camaraderie and provide a sense of community for long-term and new members, friends, and visitors.

Council for Faith in Action

The mission of the Council for Faith in Action is to facilitate and support the commitment of the Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing to be a force for justice, equity and compassion.  We seek not to be the conscience of this faith community but rather to be the medium that engages and encourages that conscience to manifest change through education, directed giving, social witness, advocacy, and direct action in our communities.

Denominational Affairs Committee

The Denominational Affairs Committee educates and disseminates information to the congregation regarding concerns, initiatives and activities of the Unitarian Universalist faith as a whole. This includes information at the District and Continental level (UUA). Additionally, it is a goal to help connect the UUCWC congregation to the larger faith.

Earth Ministry

The Earth Ministry Team is committed to implementing our 7th principle of caring for our earth and its resources by ensuring environmentally sound practices are followed by committees/teams and staff while utilizing and caring for our facility (grounds and buildings).

Endowment Committee

The Endowment Committee administers UUCWC’s endowment fund, and through a grant making process, annually distributes funds for special projects in accordance with the UUCWC bylaws.

Family Ministry Team

The Religious Education Committee for Children and Youth works to support and enhance UUCWC’s Children’s Faith Engagement programming. CFE programming is provided at both services during the academic year for youth at pre-K through high school levels, as well as over the summer months.

Finance Committee

The mission of the finance committee is to provide accurate, objective, and timely management of the church’s finances. This includes preparing an annual operating budget consistent with UUCWC’s vision, mission, and priorities, overseeing the annual budget with proactive anticipation of deviations and development of contingency plans, and preparation of tracking reports for use by the Board and committee chairs.

Food Ministry

The Food Ministry is dedicated to addressing the problem of hunger in our area by providing free nutritious meals to Mercer County, NJ, children and adults affected by homelessness and to low income senior citizens. The Food Ministry manages a functioning commercially licensed kitchen with Serv-Safe certified volunteers. Responsibilities include organizing volunteers, creating nutritious menus, soliciting food donations from the congregation and local providers, buying meal ingredients, preparing and delivering meals, developing initiatives to promote multi-generational involvement in the program, maintaining the kitchen, and fundraising. The program is supported by members of the UUCWC community who volunteer their time to prepare and deliver meals and provide financial assistance. For further information or to volunteer, please contact us at

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee raises funds for the general church budget. To fulfill this charge we sponsor a number of activities throughout the year. There are activities that have been old “faithfuls” year after year such as the Auction or the Scholastic Book Fair. We also try to introduce some new activities each year that mix it up a bit, such as a Karaoke and a wreath sale. These diverse events are fun, practical and social events to enjoy with your church community.

Grounds Committee

The Grounds committee is responsible for the maintenance of our lovely five acre grounds including lawn care, several gardens, tree care and planting, the memorial garden, paved surfaces, parking snow removal and the meditation trail. The committee continues to develop our master plan and holds spring and fall Saturday cleanup days each year.

Hospitality Teams

Four hospitality teams coordinate the weekly after-service fellowship/coffee hours.

Kinship Circles

The Kinship Circles Program was developed at UUCWC as a means to bring together 3-4 households to create meaningful, intentional connections. Circles are multi-generational and provide the structure and impetus to deepen relationships with other congregants through regular social interaction. Kinship Circles are open to members of UUCWC and long-time friends of the church. For more information contact Penny Gardner at

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee serves as a welcoming presence to all, especially visitors and new members. We keep a record of visitors and work with the Membership Liaison to follow up and offer any information about the denomination and UUCWC. The committee keeps an account of membership and provides this to the UUA. We coordinate Ushers and Greeters and welcome new members twice a year at a service and shared meal. Membership guides those ready to join on a suggested path to membership. We maintain the brochures in the lobby and share membership news in the monthly church newsletter.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with preparing a slate of candidates for Board and Committee Chair positions which have become available, as well as proposing candidates for any vacancies during the church year. The committee is working towards changing the approach of the committee to become more focused on leadership development, rather than just “filling positions.”

Pastoral and Caring Ministry

The Pastoral and Caring Ministry is dedicated to providing support, caring and outreach to the members and friends of UUCWC in times of need and times of joy.  We also facilitate memorial service and receptions for our members.  The Pastoral and Caring Ministry utilizes the Lotsa Helping Hands website to create a network of Caregivers willing and able to provide supportive care (visits, meals, rides, etc.) to UUCWC members and friends. If you would like to join this network of caregivers, please send an email request to or log onto the Lotsa Helping Hands website, and submit a request to join. Pastoral help and companioning can be requested from our trained members under the supervision and support of our minister. If you need support or know someone who would benefit from our ministry, please send an email to or

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee serves as the congregation’s liaison with the minister and other staff.  They ensure that responsibilities, practices and procedures are current and respectfully administered consistent with our Covenant of Right Relations.  For more information, contact

Right Relations Committee

The Right Relations Committee is comprised of 6 members and the Minister. RRC promotes peaceful and constructive dialogue in line with UUCWC”s Covenant of Right Relations. When needed, RRC acts as a facilitator towards resolution during interpersonal conflicts and addresses concerns about disruptive or inappropriate behavior. RRC seeks to understand the congregation’s overall ministry, and makes recommendations to the Board and Minister when areas of congregational life are in need of development and care. Members of RRC are available to listen with an open heart to congregants who have a need to share concerns.

Safety Team

The Safety Team is an outgrowth of the Safety Task Force commissioned in 2013 to address safety and emergency preparedness concerns as they affect UUCWC.  The Safety Team will keep a “watchful eye” or “roving eye” or wear a “safety lens” to help remind all how we’re responsible for our safety as individuals and as the community.  The Safety Team will focus on: Overall/General safety (evacuation routes, open parking lanes, etc.); Medical Emergencies (fall, heart attack, needing simple medical attention [first aid kits], etc.; Security (lighting, general security, doors locking, keys, awareness, etc.); and Catastrophes (e.g. hurricane, flood, loss of electricity). UUCWC members and friends are welcome to send any safety-related concerns and comments to

Social Justice Ministry

The Social Justice Ministry’s role is evolving under the umbrella of the new Faith in Action Council. We continue to provide opportunities for members and friends of the congregation to participate in social service projects, such as collecting money, donating food and clothing, and supporting senior citizens and youth programs. The SJC is continuing our longstanding commitment to local organizations, including Loaves and Fishes, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK), Morrisville Food Center, the Coalition for Peace Action, and the Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Team plans and implements the annual pledge campaign so that UUCWC will have the financial resources to fulfill its mission and vision. The annual campaign reminds us of our commitment to support Unitarian Universalism and our remarkable UUCWC faith community through our time, talent, and treasure. Each member’s annual financial commitment is essential to UUCWC’s continued well-being, our ability to marshal resources effectively, and to our goal to create community, celebrate life, and change the world.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee manages the sound at Sunday services and events, and assists in keeping UUCWC’s computers, networks and other technology operational and up-to date.

Worship Associates

It is the mission of the Worship Associate Committee of UUCWC to facilitate and create worship services that support and enhance the vision and mission of this liberal faith community and of Unitarian Universalism.