Please contact the office at to learn more about any of the groups listed below.

Congregational Life

    • Community Building Ministry: Fosters our sense of community for long-term and new members, friends, and visitors.
    • Denominational Affairs: Educates and disseminates information to the congregation regarding concerns, initiatives and activities of the Unitarian Universalist faith as a whole.
    • Faith Forward: Our drop-in series that presents various aspects of our church or faith in interactive stand-alone seminars.

  • Kinship Circles: Brings together 3-4 households to create meaningful, intentional and multi-generational connections.
  • Natural Cosmology: Meets monthly to discuss science, philosophy, and the natural universe.
  • Right Relations Committee: Promotes peaceful and constructive dialogue in line with UUCWC’s Covenant of Right Relations and is available to listen with an open heart to congregants who have a need to share concerns.


  • Building Committee: Provides a safe, comfortable, accessible, and attractive environment for members, staff, renters, and visitors by assisting with repairs and maintenance and long range planning for our facility.
  • Grounds Committee: Maintains five-acre grounds, providing a friendly, earth-centered space for people to reflect on their individual spirituality while allowing community with their fellow congregants.
  • Memorial Garden: Part pastoral, part organizational, manages care for our Memorial Garden.
  • Safety Team: Addresses safety and emergency preparedness concerns as they affect UUCWC, keeping a watchful eye and helping to remind all how we’re responsible for our safety as individuals and as a community.

Faith Engagement

  • Adult Faith Engagement: Provides opportunities for individuals to nurture their spiritual and personal growth in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Family Ministry Team: Explores the diverse experiences and needs of families within our congregation.



  • Archives Team: Provides historical context and factual information about our congregation and assists committees with their document storage and organization.
  • Auction Team: Coordinates the annual Spring Auction Auction, a church-wide effort that helps to build and strengthen community and raise funds for UUCWC programming.
  • Board of Trustees: Has jurisdiction of the business affairs of the Church, formulates and implements Church policy, and has charge of all Church property owned by the Church property and fiduciary responsibility for the Church’s funds.
  • Capital Campaign/Project Steering Committee: Facilitates repair and renovation of our church facility to help ensure that our church is a welcoming space in which we can create community, celebrate life, and change the world.
  • Communications Team: Provides tools that help to untie members, friends, and visitors of the congregation and connects UUCWC to the outside world.
  • Endowment Committee: Administers UUCWC’s endowment fund, grant process and annual special project funding.
  • Finance Committee: Provides accurate, objective, and timely management of the church’s finances, including preparing an annual operating budget consistent with UUCWC’s vision, mission, and priorities, and prepares tracking reports for use by the UUCWC leadership.
  • Fundraising: Collaborates with members of our community on initiatives to raise funds for church operations.
  • Nominating Committee / Leadership Development: Facilitates congregational engagement by reaching out to community members to learn of their interests and passions and making matches to fill leadership positions and creating a process of leadership development for potential and incoming leaders.
  • Personnel Committee: Ensures that UUCWC is a fair and ethical employer and, in collaboration with the Board and staff, monitors and evaluates the staffing needs of the congregation.
  • Stewardship Committee: Plans and implements the annual canvass ensuring the financial resources to carry out our mission and vision.


  • Pastoral and Caring Ministry: Provides spiritual, emotional, logistical and household support to our UUCWC community In times of need and times of joy.
  • Worship Associates: Facilitate and create worship services that support and enhance the vision and mission of our liberal faith community and of Unitarian Universalism.
  • Worship Tech Team: Orchestrates the technical aspects of our virtual worship services and connects us for online meetings and events.