Author: Holly Bussey

UUCWC Responds to Ukraine Need Abundantly

In March, Rev. Kim worked with the Council for Faith In Action ‘s (CFA) Faith Funding and Expression Team (FEFT) to consider creating a special appeal for Ukraine. Over two months, there was an effort to request special contributions for Ukraine Relief separate from the … read more.

Come Hear Dr. Ibram X. Kendi at UUCWC

General Assembly (GA) will feature Dr. Ibram X. Kendi as the 2022 Ware Lecture presenter. To see this live, one needs to be registered for GA. However, we’re hoping to host a Ware Lecture Viewing Party in the Sanctuary on Saturday, June 25 at 7 … read more.

Auction Proceeds Help “Change The World”

Our annual auction supports all that we hope to achieve in the coming year. Auction proceeds are a significant source of funding of our annual operating budget. Additionally, when there is a surplus, 50% of those monies are donated to a justice organization.

This year, the … read more.

First Multi-platform General Assembly Coming Soon

General Assembly (GA) 2022 will be a multi-platform event this year, held both in person and virtually, from June 22 – 26. If you are looking to travel somewhere wonderful and learn more about Unitarian Universalism, consider attending GA in person, in PORTLAND, Oregon. Or, … read more.

UUCWC Sends $1,900 to UU Disaster Relief Fund

In September, Rev. Kim reached out to the Council for Faith in Action (CFA) regarding the growing needs of so many, from those in Afghanistan to Louisiana, to our own people suffering from Hurricane Ida. The list was overwhelming. How could we provide aid in … read more.