Author: Holly Bussey

Do You Buy Food or Use a Drug Store?

by Holly Bussey, for the Raise Right Team

If your answer to the question in the headline is YES, then you can help raise money for UUCWC with no effort. It doesn’t cost anything. All you need to do is order gift cards for your favorite … read more.

UUCWC Works and Enjoys General Assembly 2023

By Holly Bussey, Denominational Affairs Liaison

More than 4,100 Unitarian Universalists participated in the multiplatform General Assembly (GA) June 21–25, with 1,768 online registrants and 2,380 in-person registrants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From the David L. Lawrence Convention Center onsite participants absorbed stunning views of the Allegheny … read more.

UUCWC’s Generosity Tops $30,000

by Holly Bussey, Faith Expression Funding Team Facilitator

“Generosity and gratitude are inexplicably linked” –Judith Martin

Most of us are familiar with the Sunday Service Financial Affirmation that says, in part, “50% of the plate goes to causes, outside our walls, that are helping to change the … read more.

We Need to Hear From You About the Article II Project

by Holly Bussey, Liaison, Denominational Affairs

In a separate article, we introduced our GA delegates. This team represents UUCWC in important issues at a national level. This year is super important and we’re hoping to hear from the congregation about one very important issue—the proposal to … read more.

General Assembly News

by Holly Bussey, Liaison, Denominational Affairs

In June, six of us will be representing UUCWC at General Assembly (GA). Five of us will travel to Pittsburgh; one will be a virtual delegate. What does this mean? Delegates are charged to vote on issues that impact us … read more.

CFA Reaching Outward With 50% of the Plate

by Holly Bussey, Faith Expression and Funding Team Facilitator

It’s hard to believe that we’re past the half year mark of the church year. In person attendance is growing and our generosity continues! The Faith Expression and Funding Team Ministry (FEFT) of the Council for Faith … read more.

Auction Proceeds Help to “Change The World”

by Holly Bussey, Faith Expression Funding Team Facilitator

Our annual auction supports all that we hope to achieve in the coming year. Auction proceeds are a significant source of funding of our annual operating budget. Additionally, when there is a surplus, 50% of those monies are … read more.

UUCWC Prepares for General Assembly

by Holly Bussey, Liaison, Denominational Affairs

June will be here before you know it when our UUA General Assembly (GA) will meet in Pittsburgh. There is still time to register and attend. To date, Alison Streit Baron, Holly Bussey, Jennifer Ciccolini, Heather Edwards, Jim Sanders, Dan … read more.

Join General Assembly FUUN with Other UUCWC-ers

by Holly Bussey, Liaison, Denominational Affairs

The 2023 General Assembly (GA) will be a multiplatform event taking place both in person and online. This year’s in-person location is in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; an easy drive. If enough of us go, we could carpool or rent a … read more.