Spring for Change: Pathways for Healing

our house is on fire, life is threatened in our social ‘dis’order. black, trans, queer, fem human bodies to jungles, oceans, and thousands of species driven to extinction, life is hunted, comofidied, and abused. this wake of harm is not faceless. in the story of … read more.

Dance in the Desert, Bring a Tambourine

As our second pandemic summer approaches, some days may feel almost normal, while others still bring us to our knees. Rev. Erin Walter, a music minister from Austin, TX, join us to reflect on joy practices for hard times. This service will include the poetry of Rainer Maria … read more.


While UUCWC’s building is closed due to the pandemic, we are holding virtual services on Sundays at 10am. Please join us this Sunday.