Weaving Our Lives

Join with thousands of Unitarian Universalists to experience our General Assembly Sunday morning worship. Led by the Rev. Molly Housh Gordon (dear friend of Rev. Kim’s), we will gather in our sanctuary and online to experience this hour and a half service available to us through … read more.

The Gate

What if the ways we need to take care of ourselves can end up keeping others at arm’s
length? Is there a way to care for ourselves and others at the same time? Join
ministerial intern, Lisa Schilansky, to explore these questions and more.

The Power of Love

Everyone has a favorite story to tell- about your family, your community, or UUCWC.
How do the stories we tell tell more than just a great tale? This Sunday, ministerial
intern, Lisa Schilansky, will explore the power that storytelling has in our lives. We will be joined … read more.

Say the Word

New Jersey was considered “the Slave State of the North” as it was home to 2/3 of the entire enslaved population in the north. As UUs we have a moral imperative to act, to join an interfaith coalition around the state calling to repair this … read more.