Auction Proceeds Help “Change The World”

Our annual auction supports all that we hope to achieve in the coming year. Auction proceeds are a significant source of funding of our annual operating budget. Additionally, when there is a surplus, 50% of those monies are donated to a justice organization.

This year, the Council for Faith In Action (CFA) has selected UrbanPromise Trenton as the 2022 Auction recipient. The organization’s mission is to equip Trenton’s children and young adults with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, and spiritual growth.

UrbanPromise Trenton believes in the power of opportunity. It provides urban youth and teens with a chance to believe in and build a positive future.

Background: The City of Trenton ranks among the poorest cities in the state and has one of the country’s highest crime rates. Nearly a third of Trenton’s residents live below the poverty level, and the city’s high school graduation rate hovers at 70%, the lowest in the entire state. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Trenton’s population was about 85,000 and nearly 28% were under eighteen.

This translates to over 23,000 kids with few alternatives to gangs and crime. With gangs recruiting children as young as eight years old, Trenton’s children are at risk. Available programs not only take young children off the streets but also employ area teens, providing valuable life skills and a safe haven for the youth. UrbanPromise Trenton opens up a new world and allows city youth and teens to choose a better path for their future.

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The more we raise at our auction, the more we will have to give to UrbanPromise Trenton. Please donate services and goods and plan to attend (and spend) during the auction. Invite a friend, neighbor or colleague or family members. Because it will be virtual, ANYONE can attend (and bid/spend) AND WIN!
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Holly Bussey, Faith Expression Funding Team Facilitator