Parking and Capital Campaign Updates – September 2018

Despite rumors to the contrary, the Parking and Capital Campaign efforts did not go on holiday over the summer! In fact, considerable progress has been made on both projects and we have reason to believe that improved and expanded parking will be a reality at UUCWC before the snow flies!!

Parking Project Accomplishments:

  • In June, the engineering firm we hired, Van Note Harvey, delivered a set of plans that was submitted to (and subsequently receive approvals from) the Mercer County Soil Conservation District and the Mercer County Planning Board.
  • We created a scope of work, interviewed contractors and compared bids. A contractor has been selected and will be ready to start work as soon as all permits are received.
  • The parking plan was revised to allow maximum number of spaces and decreased costs
  • Anticipating final approval from Hopewell Township SOON. Their engineer retired, the new engineer required that we provide information to bring him up to speed on the history and status of our plans; people’s vacations caused delays and the last two months’ meetings were cancelled. As soon as this permit is approved we will be able to order the materials and start work!

Capital Campaign status:

  • Our active outreach for Capital Campaign funds at the same time we were seeking Stewardship Campaign commitments yielded almost $930,000 in pledged donations! THANK YOU to all who have participated and pledged to the future of UUCWC in this way!! We plan to have another outreach for funding once we have architectural plans that more clearly define the projects we will implement, as we anticipate that concrete plans will be more exciting and hopefully encourage more people to pledge.
  • In June/July, we developed a Request for Proposal and sent it to 4 identified architects. We provided tours of the church facilities and grounds and answered questions. Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 declined to provide proposals, as they had larger, more urgent projects to work on.
  • We identified two more architects – one declined and the other will soon be visiting to see the church and what we would like to do.
  • Parking costs are higher than anticipated, since permits and engineering costs were more than expected. We anticipated $92,000 for parking, but it is likely to be closer to $120,000.
  • Our original “wish list” of renovations to the church and grounds was approximately $1.7 million. With the input of our expert consultant and based on what we are likely to be able to raise from our congregation, we have targeted $1.1 million as a Capital Campaign goal. Although we will have to reframe our plans based on the priorities expressed by the congregation and will not be able to fulfill all our $1.7 million in wishes, we expect to be able to make important renovations that will further the mission and vision of UUCWC in meaningful ways.
  • We will plan to schedule an informational meeting for the congregation as soon as we have architectural plans that we can share.

If anyone is interested in participating as part of the Capital Campaign Steering Committee, we would be extremely grateful for someone with experience in communications. Unfortunately, it is not a core competency of our current team, and we would value the addition of someone who would be willing to share their expertise!!

Capital Campaign Update – March 26, 2018


Join in the excitement as we kick off our Capital campaign on March 4th!

In late 2016, the Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing began a comprehensive strategic planning effort to ensure the continuing strength of the church in serving its ministries and members in the years ahead.

The inclusive and thoughtful planning process that took place over eight months involved a broad array of leaders and congregants, and yielded an estimated $1.7 million in proposed renovations, repairs and improvements to the church facility and grounds.

Read more about the Capital Campaign and proposed renovations.

Given that we are embarking on a Capital Campaign and it soon will be time for the Annual Stewardship Drive, we have decided to run the campaigns simultaneously this year. This should allow everyone to have a more holistic view of our financial commitments to UUCWC.

So, what does this mean for you?

We encourage you to give thoughtful consideration FIRST to your annual stewardship pledge, as these funds keep the church engine running. We are fortunate to have a growing, thriving church and with that comes the need for additional resources to keep pace with the size and sophistication of our congregation and our programs. There are also general cost-of-living increases to consider. Our hope is that, at a minimum, you will continue your current annual pledge. However, if you are able, we would be thrilled to see you increase your pledge by 3-5% to address our rising costs.

Once you are comfortable with your annual stewardship pledge, we then ask you to identify other resources available to you to help fund a Capital Campaign contribution, which we see as a once in a generation opportunity to sustain and ensure the continuing growth of the church, its mission and ministries. Every gift is important and appreciated and can be extended over five years! We have already received several advance commitments and are excited about the potential of this campaign!

Beginning on March 4, and for the following Sundays through April 29, tables will be set up in the church lobby, staffed by Capital Campaign and Stewardship Committee members who will assist you in the pledge process. If you pledged in the past year, an envelope containing your pledge form along with the amount of last year’s pledge will be available. Those pledging for the first time can pick up a form.  You can also download a form here.

We would love to have the opportunity to discuss both campaigns, the proposed renovations and improvements to the church facility and grounds, and any other questions you may have about these financial commitments. Several members have trained as Ambassadors and are eager to answer your questions. If you would like to meet with one of us face to face, please contact us by email at, or tap one of us on the shoulder Sunday morning to set up a time for a deeper conversation.

Jayme Trott and Susan Vigilante
Capital Campaign Co-chairs

Lori Hoppmann
Stewardship Committee Chair