UUCWC Capital Campaign

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Join us for a once in a generation opportunity to ensure the continuing growth of the church, its mission and ministries. Every gift is valued and can be extended over multiple years.

Pledge now:  You can pledge online here.

Financial Status as of February 2024

Cost of work completed (including parking expansion, architectural, engineering, fees, etc.) $359,000


Estimated cost of remaining work $1,067,000
Total project costs $1,426,000
Pledges collected as of Feb. 20, 2024 $1,147,000
Other income $92,000
Total collected $1,239,000
Pledges still owed through 2026 $167,000
Total expected income $1,406,000
Possible shortfall or bank loan needed (Total project costs – Total expected income) $20,000
Number of pledges: 176
Range of gifts: $100 – $115,000


Progress History:

March 2024 Update here

Construction Begins October 2023

Fall Update 2022 here 

2021 – 2022  Plans impacted by COVID

2020 and prior (click here to see the history)

Current plans include:

  • New street level entrance
  • Addition of an elevator/lift.
  • Kitchen upgrades.
  • The addition of small additional space in the office area and a small room downstairs.
  • Repairs and upgrades to the Crossings Room.

Construction is beginning fall 2023 and we expect it to be completed in 6 months.

Despite pandemic-related increases in construction costs and timelines, we remain confident that our current plans will allow us to improve accessibility to our building, enhance rental potential and support our ministries and Mission.  For Capital Campaign updates – see our blog page

Thanks to all who have pledged and continue to pay their pledges, and thanks for your patience as we move forward.  For a deeper conversation about the Capital Campaign, reach ou to capitalcampaign@uucwc.org to set up a meeting.  

Capital Campaign Steering Committee:
Jayme Trott and Susan Vigilante (Steering Committee Co-chairs), George Faulkner (Treasurer), Farzad Shadzik (Owner’s Representative on-site) 

Thank you for project planning contributions by Mary Acciani and Steve Saddlemire.