UUCWC welcomes people of all gender identities and orientations.  We are committed to offering safe and welcoming spaces to people who identify as LGBTQIA+.  At our church:

  • A gender neutral, single occupant restroom is available in our lower level as well as gendered restrooms upstairs that people are welcome to use that feels best; all our restrooms contain menstrual hygiene products.
  • We offer name tags with pronouns for in person attendees and encourage all online participants to indicate their pronouns with their screen names.  
  • We offer representation of LGBTQIA+ voices in the pulpit, in our music, on our Board of Trustees, in our leadership, and in our classrooms and curriculum.
  • Our Whole Lives (OWL) comprehensive, lifespan sexuality education curricula for grades 1-12 is regularly offered.  As more legislation arises targeting scientifically-based, sex-positive, gender-inclusive education programs, OWL remains a critical asset for educating every generation about the sacredness of their bodies, orientations and expressions, as well as reproductive health, choice, access, and justice. 
  • Our small group ministry (called chalice circles) has 2 circles specifically for the LGBTQIA+ community; other groups also specifically note their welcome of cis, trans and non-binary people.
  • A Community Action ministry is focused on influencing local leadership regarding the importance of liberal-minded, inclusive policies at local school board meetings.
  • We offer rituals of acknowledgement and affirmation for those whose name and/or pronouns change and evolve. (Rev. Kim Wildszewski’s ritual and blessing has been published in a ritual anthology for Unitarian Universalists all over the world.)

UUCWC was one of the first five UU congregations in the US to be designated as a Welcoming Congregation.  We draw on resources from Side with Love’s Uplift Action and other sources to continue our justice work.  In these troubling times, Side with Love notes “our faith unequivocally, fiercely, and unapologetically affirms that trans people are a divine and a beloved part of the human family. There is no law, no political rhetoric, that can diminish the inherent worth and dignity of trans and nonbinary people – that is endowed from the moment of birth, and can never be taken away.”

Rev. Kim joined UUCWC in 2014 as our first out minister;  a 2014 article shared about the fusion of LGBT and communities of faith“the UU church is wholly LGBT-affirming, making her own coming-out process free from spiritual conflict. ‘I was never taught anything that would make my sexual orientation or gender identity at odds with what I wanted to do with my life.’ UUCWC continues our commitment to make our community and congregation a safe place for spiritual exploration for those who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Learn more about UUCWC’s journey toward becoming a Welcoming Congregation.