The Pastoral and Caring Ministry is dedicated to providing spiritual, emotional, logistical and household support to our UUCWC community in times of need and times of joy. Our Caring Ministry will provide transportation for medical appointments, emergency food shopping and meals, essential errands and light housekeeping. The Pastoral ministry includes adult companionship and cards, notes, emails and calls of support. We also host memorial services and receptions for our members.

To share your Talents and Passions with our community, please join our ministry or sign up at our Lots Of Helping Hands website to be part of our network of caregivers. You determine how and when you can contribute.

To join send an email request to or log onto the Lotsa Helping Hands website and submit a request to join (church members only may join).

If you need support or know someone who would benefit from our ministry, Pastoral and Caring requests can be submitted to