Chalice Circles
Beginning in 2014, members and friends of UUCWC have the opportunity to participate in Chalice Circles at UUCWC. Under the Adult Learning umbrella, these groups are designed to accommodate newcomers and old-timers alike. While the format is deceptively simple, Chalice Circles provide a place for participants to connect with others in our faith community and to grow their faith in a safe, nurturing environment.

Kinship Circles

Kinship Circles are small, multi-generational “intentional” families comprised of UUCWC congregants. Understanding that people may be disconnected from relatives, we offer Kinship Circles as a way to establish meaningful connections. We aim to connect households with children, with mid-life folks and those of retirement age, so as to allow for a small, caring collective. To learn more, please contact Tony Panzetta or Kevyn Malloy, Nancy Cox or Lori Rahn.

Natural Cosmology Study Group
Unitarian-Universalist naturalists have no creed and privilege no books. Their goal is not belief but common understanding. Over the last 250 years, thanks to an international collaboration pursuing evidence-based study, we now know that we live in an evolving reality, and one with a very long history.  As UU minister Kendyl Gibbons put it: The primal experience of reverence in and for the natural world precedes theology of any variety. It is an organic human experience that requires no supernatural explanations. The group meetings the fourth Tuesday evening of the month.  Contact Bill Cox for George Faulkner for more information.

People of Color Circle
The People of Color Circle meets on the second Sunday of the month after second service.  Open to all individuals who identify as a person of color.  Small group is focused on processing all issues relevant to the personal growth and spiritual development of people of color in a safe, nurturing environment.  Open whether you are new or a long time member of the church.  If you have any questions or are interested in participating contact Nathalie Edmond.

Small Group Ministries
The Small Group Ministry Program is open to anyone who wishes to participate. The groups are guided by facilitators, and are designed to foster connection and caring, to provide an avenue for personal growth and spiritual development and ultimately to strengthen the fabric of our community and provide ways in which we may serve.

  • First and foremost, Small Group Ministry (SGM) is an extension of the ministry at UUCWC.
  • SGM groups follow a format that allows for deepening and spiritual connection.
  • SGM groups are structured to minister to each other.
  • SGM groups function in the context of a covenant – members covenant with one another and with the larger life of the church.
  • SGM groups meet regularly, monthly, in homes or at the church.
  • SGM facilitators strive to make meetings a welcoming experience.
  • SGM groups will remain open to new members to a maximum of ten.
  • SGM is a collaboration of lay and called leadership.
  • SGM has been endorsed by the UUCWC Board of Trustees.

Individuals are welcome to enroll at any time; look for annual enrollment in September. For more information, please contact the minister,  or the UUCWC office.

There are also many other group opportunities, including Womens’ Spirituality Circles.  Contact the office for further information.