Changing the World – How You Can Help

by Holly Bussey, Faith Expression and Funding Team Facilitator

Our UUCWC mission consists of three pillars: Celebrate Life, Create Community, Change the World.
As we close out the year the Council for Faith in Action (CFA) has been busy in areas of Community Action, including school boards, voting and democracy endeavors, and more!

The Faith Expression and FundingTeam (FEFT) within CFA has also been busy providing financial support to groups that need our help. These monies come from the 50% of the plate. Additionally, FEFT has partnered with another CFA Member, our Food Ministry, to combine funds to provide a greater financial impact to groups that help relieve food insecurity.

From September to December, we’ve supported these groups with funds totaling over $3,500:
• Bucks County Opportunity Council (Food banks)
• El Centro Food Bank (Latino/x population) Food support
• Coalition for Peace Action
• Chubby Food Project (Hopewell Food Bank)
• Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
• HomeFront projects
• UU Disaster Relief (Hurricane Assistance).

Did you know that each of you can have a direct impact on how we CHANGE THE WORLD? As you know, 50% of every Sunday plate goes to causes that align with our UU Principles and our UUCWC mission.

We need to hear from you regarding how you’d like to see those monies dispursed. Let us know by filling out this form. It’s easy, fast and your input gives the FEFT a focus.       

Questions, or want to know more? Email

Holly Bussey, Faith Expression and Funding Team Facilitator
FEFT members: Bud Johnson, Steve Saddlemire, Jim Sanders, Dan Tuft