ssl_bannerUUCWC’s Council for Faith in Action (CFA) is a collaborative, nonhierarchical, mission-driven team made up of the Justice Ministries at UUCWC.  In the fall of 2019, CFA was restructured to reflect its original purpose: to gather together the representatives of each justice ministry team so that all involved in this vital endeavor of bringing about the Beloved Community are in communication and working collaboratively:

The goals of the Council for Faith in Action include, but are not limited to:

  • Communication among all justice ministries and to the wider UUCWC community;
  • Identifying intersectionality of the justice work at UUCWC;
  • Creating and cultivating opportunities for shared work among ministries and committees;
  • Articulating the Faithful Endeavor of the justice work;
  • Creating, modeling and nurturing care-taking of those who do justice work at UUCWC;
  • Ongoing education among Council members on best practices of how to do justice work;
  • Ongoing education to the wider UUCWC community on best practices of how to do justice work;
  • Lifting one another up in celebration of our shared goals and minimizing competition and depletion of shared resources (people, monetary, ideas and perspectives).

Organizations and activities support by plate funds

“The biggest thing that I’ve learned from nature is the importance of relationships.  E.g. an ecosystem isn’t just a list of living things (squirrel, tree, bee, flower); it’s the set of relationships between those living things (the squirrel lives in the tree, the bee pollinates the flower). In terms of organizing, this means that a given social movement isn’t a list of organizations, or campaigns, or even individuals: it’s the set of relationships between organizations, campaigns, individuals, etc.”  – Farhad Ebrahimi