ssl_bannerEvery one of us knows what it is like to bleed. Every one of us has experienced pain. If that were not a fact of human existence, we might not notice the suffering of the world. Because it is, we do. — Rev. William F. Schulz


THE MISSION of UUCWC’s Council for Faith in Action is to facilitate and support UUCWC’s commitment to justice, equity and social action initiatives that are aligned with its principles and values.

The Council for Faith in Action (CFA):

DISTRIBUTES plate funds allocated to justice, equity and social action initiatives (50% of the weekly Sunday plate):

  • Local and national organizations
  • Denominational groups
  • Emergency funding
  • Projects within UUCWC

Organizations and activities support by plate funds

SUPPORTS the Racial Justice Initiative (RJI), Faith Action Ministry (FAM), Unitarian Universalist Faith Action New Jersey (UUFANJ), and other faith in action projects at UUCWC.

EVALUATES requests for projects and funding, and public expression on external issues (as per UUCWC’s bylaws).

COMMUNICATES opportunities for involvement in social justice projects and activities.

Council for Faith in Action blog

How You Can Get Involved

The Council for Faith in Action is responsible for the allocation of the 50% of the weekly plate dedicated to social justice causes. These funds are distributed by CFA in response to requests from the UUCWC members. Is there an organization that you are passionate about, that you feel puts your faith in action? You may submit a request by completing the Funding Request Form (PDF or word document) on our website. UUCWC members can also request funds for a project or event. Contact us at for more information.

The CFA is involved in communicating ideas about and opportunities to be involved in faith action. These communications come from UUCWC members and other sources, giving UUCWC suggestions and opportunities to be involved in faith action activities.

Any member of UUCWC can become a member of the CFA or attend meetings to discuss issues they deem important given the mission of the CFA. Your participation would be most welcome. Please contact any CFA member for more information.


What the elders taught me, and teach us is that we have to participate, and we have to be active, and we have to nurture the community for the well being of not only our community, but all the rest of the world. We have that big responsibility to maintain balance within the world. — Brian Vallo, Acoma Pueblo, 2004