Crossings: Our Principles in Action

Articles in Crossings focus on the positive work done by UUCWC members and friends that demonstrates our congregation’s commitment to the 7 Principles. Many good works by our committees, teams, and individuals are inspirational. Unless you are intimately involved with these efforts, however, it can be easy to miss the time and selfless dedication, the challenges overcome, or the joyexperienced by those involved — not to mention the impact on those who benefit from their work. By telling our stories, we hope to inspire even greater engagement in social justice, charity, and other positive efforts within UUCWC.

Crossings Magazine – Winter 2016

Crossings Magazine – Spring 2016

Crossings Magazine – Fall 2015

Crossings Magazine – Spring 2015

Crossings Magazine – Winter 2014 – 2015

Crossings Magazine – Fall 2014

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Crossings Magazine – Spring 2014