Halloween Food Drive Spins The Holiday A New Way

In early October, the Food Ministry put out another call for donations to enable it to provide meal bags and other supplies to HomeFront. Once again, the congregation responded with overwhelming generosity.

The HomeFront Halloween Donation Drive brought in nearly 500 items, all of which were delivered … read more.

Halloween Food Drive for HomeFront

HomeFront has had a long-standing history of support from UUCWC. Due to the pandemic situation the HomeFront client base has dramatically increased.  Providing food items for these families has become a significant challenge. The UUCWC Food Ministry is asking for donations of shelf stable … read more.

Food Ministry Update

by Mike Muccioli

Thank You, Thank You, 1,400 times Thank You! Your generosity is amazing!

Last month, the UUCWC Food Ministry asked for your help to provide food related assistance to Luther Arms of Trenton, a low income, non-profit for senior citizens, many with disabilities. You have provided … read more.

UUCWC Food Ministry Mission Continues

by Mike Muccioli, Food Ministry Team

Providing food related assistance to our community is our mission. How the Food Ministry completes this mission is the challenge. The past ten months have proved to be trying times for everyone. Your Food Ministry is no exception.

The Challenge
Without … read more.

Food Ministry Update for December 2020

The past nine months have proved to be trying times for everyone, your Food Ministry being no exception. Determined to continue to fulfill our mission of providing food related assistance to our community , the UUCWC Food Ministry has provided over 600 nutritious meal bags … read more.

Food Ministry Update – Sept 2020

Mike Muccioli and the UUCWC Food Ministry team

The UUCWC Food Ministry is continuing to fulfill our mission through these trying times. Not being able to use the UUCWC kitchen made us have to rethink our processes and we have found a few solutions. … read more.

Food Ministry Update – June 2020

By Bonnie Ruekgauer

Despite limitations due to coronavirus restrictions, UUCWC’s Food Ministry has continued to fulfill its mission of feeding those in need.

Since we cannot use the church kitchen for cooking, we have decided to use our resources to support other organizations which provide meals. … read more.

HomeFront Needs Your Help!

During these uncertain times, our community’s needs are greater than ever. As you know our church building is closed in response to the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic. The closing puts our Food Ministry at a standstill. We are not allowed to cook our scheduled meals … read more.

Food Ministry Needs

UUCWC’s Food Ministry provides about 300 meals each month to those in need.  We can’t do it without YOUR help.