Racial Justice Ministry

Racial Justice Ministry

The Racial Justice Ministry is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the 8th Principle at UUCWC. We see our goal as supporting individuals on their journey to becoming active advocates/accomplices for bringing about racial justice. We also hold the organization accountable to integrating a racial … read more.

Racial Justice Initiative – Summer Reading List

Racial Justice Initiative Summer Reading List
Topics on Race and Racism in the U.S. and/or works by Black, Latinx, Asian American, American Indian, Arab American authors


Just Mercy: A story of justice and Redemption, Bryan Stevenson
Bryan Stevenson’s account of his path as a young … read more.

Childhood Memories (RJI)

by Mary McKillip, Chair, Racial Justice Initiative

My son (white, almost 12) and I both read The Hate U Give this month. The novel is written from the perspective of a black teenage girl dealing with the police shooting of a black male teenage friend. … read more.

RJI Praxis Group Update – August 2018

by Dan Tuft

Hello again everyone and as promised in this final installment of the updates from the Racial Justice Initiative (RJI) Praxis Group that ended after our June meeting, I am combining highlights of our May and June meetings below.
Read through to the end … read more.

RJI Praxis Group Update – June 2018

8. Institutional Transformation The congregation engages in critical self-assessment and seeks outside consultation to ensure that power structures and practices align with stated racial justice values and make space for diverse leadership and participation.

Our April Praxis area was Institutional Transformation. We will have one more … read more.