How Does Our Garden Grow?

by Al Johnson, Co-chair, Earth and Climate Ministry

Allie’s Garden has been fully planted, thanks in part to help from our Children’s Faith Engagement participants. Our crops of carrots, sweet potatoes and butternut squash are off to a good start. Volunteers to water the garden are … read more.

Composting at UUCWC

by The Earth Ministry Team

Next to the fence surrounding Allie’s Garden, we have a large compost bin that provides wonderfully nutrient rich, dark, decomposed organic matter that, when added to the soil, makes it better. The dark, humus-like end product starts with vegetable and fruit … read more.

More Terracycle Bins for Waste Recycling!

UUCWCers really like their coffee…your recycling efforts filled the bin for Coffee Capsules in just a few months! Never fear, another bin will accept your capsules (no loose coffee grounds).  We continue to have bins for Candy/Snack Wrappers, Oral Care, and have 2 new bins for Misc. Waste and Dinner/Party items. … read more.

Special Recycling Collection

Save your used toothpaste tubes, dental floss containers, snack & candy wrappers, and coffee capsules/pods or tea disks for an on-going collection! There are 3 separate bins for oral care, coffee and snack items, usually non-recyclable, located opposite the offices by the stairway. Collection lasts … read more.

Allie’s Garden in the Second Year of Covid

by Al Johnson

Despite the HomeFront and Food Ministry programs still unable to use our produce, Allie’s Garden went full steam ahead growing fresh vegetables for the needy in our area. Our criteria for crop choice were: those that were relatively easy to grow, useable by … read more.