Ramping Up Our Commitment to Recycling

Recycling is an important aspect of mindful living and respect for our environment. The practice has become ubiquitous since the early 1970s, picking up steam with the environmental movement that lead to designating April 22 as Earth Day in 1970. At that time and through … read more.

Addressing the Climate Crisis

by Leslie McGeorge and Geri Koblis, Earth Ministry Team

As the 51st Earth Day approaches on April 22nd, the Earth Ministry Team is highlighting the climate emergency. There is a consensus among most scientists that the climate crisis is a substantial, if not existential, threat … read more.

Earth Day Events: Saturday April 17th, 2021

10 am: SPRING CLEAN UP Grounds Committee Sponsors the annual work party from 10 am to noon. Following social distancing, with masks, we will rake, weed and generally cleanup the gardens and grounds. Bring your own gloves and tools. Reminder: the church building is closed … read more.

Environmental Task Force of the Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice Educational Links

The Environmental Task Force of the Unitarian Universalist for Social Justice shared with our Earth Ministry the following educational pieces:

Plastic waste http://www.uusforsocialjustice.org/Environment/PLASTIC%20WASTE_FranRead100620.pdfFeeding Hungry Cities http://www.uusforsocialjustice.org/Environment/FeedingOurHungryCitiesRead.htm

See more educational offers from the Total Environmental Task Force at … read more.

Allie’s Garden in the Time of COVID-19

by Al Johnson, Co-Chair, Earth Ministry

Allie’s Organic Garden at UUCWC was alive and well in 2020. Earth Ministry started the garden in 2012 to provide fresh produce for the Monday Tutoring and Wacky Wednesday meals provided for the HomeFront Children and for Food Ministry meals. … read more.

UUCWC Named as first River Friendly Community Partner

The Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing was recently awarded certification as a River Friendly Community Partner by the Watershed Association due to a long time and long term commitment to environmental stewardship. According to the Watershed Association, “This River-Friendly status means the organizations … read more.

Coming Attractions

While you weren’t looking, there have been some new additions to the UUCWC Grounds and perhaps you will discover them when you next visit the property.  Thanks to a grant from UUCWC’s Endowment Fund, and a grant from Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve, along with Earth … read more.

River Friendly: Green and Gold

We Are Gold: River-Friendly

After several years of effort and review, the Earth Ministry Team is pleased to announce that UUCWC has been certified as a “River-Friendly Community Partner” by The Watershed Institute of Pennington, NJ. Al Johnson and Barbara Drew, Co-chairs of Earth Ministry … read more.