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In this issue:

Greater Good by Rev. Kim Wildszewski

Growing Lifelong UUs by Robin Pugh, DLRE

New Faces – and Voices – in the Choir by Caryl Tipton, Director, Music Ministry

Childhood Memories by Mary KcKillip, Chair, Racial Justice Initiative

Capital Campaign Progress Checklist

The Ubiquity of Faith in Action, by Mike Wilson, Chair, Council for Faith in Action

Financial Brief: 2017-2018 Summary by Joe Schenk, Chair, Finance Committee

Many Opportunities to Serve Our Community by Sandy Muccioli and MJ Hansen, Chairs, Nominating Committee

Help Wanted – Finance Committee Chair

Help Wanted – Treasurer

UUA’s Commission on Institutional Change
Airport and Train Transportation Service

Greater Good
Rev. Kim Wildszewski

On Sunday, November 4, Hannah and I invited the children and adults of UUCWC to consider a different form of gift giving this year. In an effort to realign the spirit of each of the winter holidays with our actions and the needs of the greater good, your staff is encouraging each member and friend to estimate how much you expect to spend on presents this year. Then, cut that amount in half.

We could stop here, right? That would be enough of a challenge. Maybe just looking at that initial total would be challenge enough!  But we’re not asking you to save that latter half of unspent present money.  Read more…

Growing Lifelong UUs
Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Full Circle: Fifteen Ways to Grow Lifelong UUs, written by well-known religious educator Katie Tweedie Erslev (Covey), is based on surveys and interviews with lifelong Unitarian Universalists. As part of our goal of being intentional about raising UU children, I thought I’d share the fifteen suggestions Katie made in her book. If you’d like to borrow the book, I can lend it to you. Read more…

Robin can be reached at dre@uucwc.org.

New Faces – and Voices – in the Choir!

Caryl Tipton, Director, Music Ministry

By now, you will have noticed that Crossing Chorale is filling up our “choir loft”. We’ve welcomed “old” friends back and some new friends have joined us. Read more…

If you’ve sung “Messiah” in the past and would like to sing with us on Christmas Eve, it’s not too late. Give me a call or send me an email and let me know. We’d love to have you join us!

Childhood Memories

Mary KcKillip, Chair, Racial Justice Initiative

My son (white, almost 12) and I both read The Hate U Give this month. The novel is written from the perspective of a black teenage girl dealing with the police shooting of a black male teenage friend. My son is a voracious reader of science fiction, but luckily he is also a kid who won’t turn down a good book, even if it is real-world storytelling. We both highly recommend this book — for teens and grownups alike.  Read more…

Capital Campaign Progress Checklist

Parking Approval Received:          Check                  

Parking Contractor Selected:       Check

Parking Construction Scheduled:   Check

Architect Selected:                      Check

Enthusiasm Level:                       Unchecked!

The Ubiquity of Faith in Action

Mike Wilson, Chair, Council for Faith in Action

I have been wondering how people think about faith and how they are practicing a faith they can ascribe to being as a Unitarian Universalist (UU). Having never joined an organized religion before being a UU, the idea of religious faith seems antithetical to me. However, looking at the eight principles that I use as a basis of understanding the notion of a UU faith, it doesn’t really seem that far from what is comfortable to me. They are essentially the values on which I have lived (or tried to live) my life.  Read more…

Financial Brief: 2017-2018 Summary

by Joe Schenk, Chair, Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews progress to budget monthly and reviews the health and status of our accounts on a periodic basis with the Board.  We are in a strong financial position!  Read more…

Save the Dates

November 18, 10am
Service for Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 18
HomeFront Thanksgiving Drive

November 26, 7pm
Anti-racism talk

November 28
Welcome Table Wednesday
RSVP to Robin for childcare

December 2
Earth Ministry Used Book Sale

December 7
HomeFront UUCWC Children’s Holiday Craft Workshop

December 9
Poinsettia Sale

December 16, 2:30pm
UUCWC Concert Series – South Philly Big Band Holiday Concert

Turkeys for Task 2018

Many Opportunities to Serve Our Community

Sandy Muccioli and MJ Hansen, Co-Chairs – Nominating Committee

Would you like to be more involved in congregational life at UUCWC? Whether you are new to UUCWC or have been here for decades, there are many opportunities for your unique talents to contribute to the health and vitality of our beloved community.  Read more…

Help Wanted – FInance Committee Chair

Joe Schenk, Chair, Finance Committee

It has been an honor to serve UUCWC in the capacity of Finance Committee Chairperson. This year marks the fourth and final year of my tenure as is dictated in the church bylaws. And this is my second “tour of duty!” – the first time nearly 20 years ago.  Read more…

Help Wanted – Treasurer

Lynne Quinto, Treasurer

This is my last year serving as our community’s Treasurer, so we’ll need to elect a new Treasurer in June for a term starting in July. The Treasurer is a member of the Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee.  Read more…

UUA’s Commission on Institutional Change:

Statement:  Religious professionals of color are traumatized by a ‘toxic triangle of systemic racism, conflict aversion, and idealism.’

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