Help Wanted – Finance Committee Chair

by Joe Schenk, Chair, Finance Committee

It has been an honor to serve UUCWC in the capacity of Finance Committee Chairperson. This year marks the fourth and final year of my tenure as is dictated in the church bylaws. And this is my second “tour of duty!” – the first time nearly 20 years ago.

You meet and connect with the most engaging people working on Finance – we have a great group of dedicated leaders representing such groups as Stewardship, Fundraising, Treasurer, Auction and the Board of Trustees. We meet monthly to review budgetary matters, projects and events that impact the church finances and planning for the next fiscal year.

Participating in this capacity is rewarding and personally satisfying. I/ we provide a necessary service to the community that nourishes us in so many ways. Curious about serving in this capacity? Call or email –