Many Opportunities to Serve Our Community

Would you like to be more involved in congregational life at UUCWC?

We hear it every week with the lighting of the chalice: some have lists of where they have served, others are new and are looking for ways to be more involved. Whether you are new to UUCWC or have been here for decades, there are many opportunities for your unique talents to contribute to the health and vitality of our beloved community.

Every year at the Annual meeting, the Nominating Committee presents a slate of candidates to be voted on by the congregation. This year there are many governance positions to be filled: most importantly – Finance Chair, Treasurer and 3-4 Board Trustees. Candidates for these positions need to be identified as early as possible.

Another category of leadership falls under the heading of Ministries. These are ideally generated from within, and are the responsibility of the Minister or Director of Religious Education (DRE) to fill. These leaders are affirmed at the Annual Meeting but do not require voting by the congregation. One important Ministry opening is Community-Building. A complete listing and description of committees and ministries is available on the Church website.

Whether you’re ready to jump right into a committee or leadership position or want to sit back and get to know the process better, the Nominating Committee would like the opportunity to meet with you for about 15 minutes to learn of your interests and talents. You can also reach out to any committee chairs or speak to Rev. Kim or DLRE Robin Pugh for more information. If you have already served, we would still like to learn of your experience and any insight we might pass along to new leaders.

There are many reasons for serving our community. We’ve all experienced the welcoming and nurturing that happens on Sundays. Serving in leadership is both fulfilling and empowering, leading to even deeper connection. Most of all your service is valuable to us all. We are not the same without you.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Nominating Committee to learn more or to arrange a brief meeting.

Sandy Muccioli, MJ Hansen Co-Chairs
Colin Campbell, Terry Caton and Jim Sanders