Greater Good

On Sunday, November 4th, Hannah and I invited the children and adults of UUCWC to consider a different form of gift giving this year.  In an effort to realign the spirit of each of the winter holidays with our actions and the needs of the greater good, your staff is encouraging each member and friend to estimate how much you expect to spend on presents this year.

Then, cut that amount in half.

We could stop here, right?  That would be enough of a challenge.  Maybe just looking at that initial total would be challenge enough!

But we’re not asking you to save that latter half of unspent present money.  Instead, we are asking that you write a check to UUCWC (Just hear me out! Keep reading!) and entrust us with this through January 1st when we will turn over the entirety of these gifts to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee for their work on Migrant Justice.  A gift in service to needs greater than our own; to the Greater Good.

We hope this will be a full family discussion.  One in which the children or grandchildren or extended family of whatever kind, not only come to understand your decision to change your gift-giving to include some of the most vulnerable among us, but excitedly support it; participate in it.  These are important conversations to have with one another, no matter the age – conversations about money, generosity, need.  Trust your young people.  I have no doubt they will surprise you.

In addition to this invitation, in the lobby this week and the weeks to come you will find Guest at Our Table boxes that are also associated with the UUSC.  These may serve as daily reminders during mealtimes or the like, about the importance and ongoing nature of this effort – rather than writing a check one time.

So offer the change in your pocket at the end of the day.  But we hope you will also consider the potential in offering a change to your gift giving this year.  As the leadership of the UU church in Rochester, NY said after creating the Greater Good Project, “These contributions remind us of needs greater than our own and lift up “living simply so others can simply live.”

Please Note:  The Greater Good Project does not replace the Year End contribution to UUCWC.  As noted above, 100% of donations made on behalf of the Greater Good Project will be given to the UU Service Committee, an organization putting our principles into action in communities around the world.  The Year End gift is another opportunity to support the internal workings of UUCWC and is needed to maintain our budget with health. We hope that you will put money you expected to spend on holiday gifts toward the Greater Good Project, and additional funds to help support the wellbeing of our community for the End of Year gift.