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Youth Service Trip

by Scott Umlauf, Re Teacher (Coming of Age) The weekend before Thanksgiving a team of Youth Group and Coming of Age students embarked on a trip to New York City for a Youth Service project on homelessness and food insecurity. Leaving by train on Friday afternoon, the group, with two chaperones in tow, navigated the … Continued

Growing Lifelong UUs

Full Circle: Fifteen Ways to Grow Lifelong UUs, written by well-known religious educator Katie Tweedie Erslev (Covey), is based on surveys and interviews with lifelong Unitarian Universalists. As part of our goal of being intentional about raising UU children, I thought I’d share the fifteen suggestions Katie made in her book. If you’d like to … Continued

Tools to Raise UU Children

One of my goals this year is to give parents more tools to raise Unitarian Universalist children. An important way to do this is to integrate Unitarian Universalism into home life so that a full week faith is practiced instead of just on Sunday morning. Ours is a faith where we live our values. Children … Continued

Welcome Back! This Year’s Children’s RE Program

by Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education Welcome back to those families that I haven’t seen this summer. Our full Religious Education (“RE”) program begins on Sunday, September 16. The RE teachers and I have planned an exciting year for UUCWC’s children. Here is what each class will be studying: First Service (9 am … Continued

What It Means to Be a Leader

This month I am completing my 3-year term as Vice President of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (“LREDA”), the professional organization for UU Religious Educators. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how this experience changed and developed me as a leader. For one, I got accustomed to leading when I am out of my comfort zone. … Continued

What Happens When Our DLRE is Away

by Jen Rehbein, Sabbatical Team When our Lifespan Religious Education Direction, Robin Pugh, let me know that she was planning a sabbatical leave this year, I felt a mix of emotions. First and most important, I was very glad for her. I am proud that our community here at UUCWC takes the well-being and professional … Continued

Why Do We Teach the Bible in Religious Education?

Every other year, the 4th – 5th grade religious education class studies the Jewish and Christian Bible for a full year. This year is a Bible year. Some UU adults wonder why we teach the Bible in religious education. They may have a negative bias toward the Bible because of what they’ve experienced about it … Continued

Crossing Paths

by Andrea Kalb How do we as Unitarian Universalists address the problem of separation from each other? How do Jewish people address the problem of exile? And how do Christians of all denominations address the problem of sin? Ask one of our current 6th- or 7th-graders taking part in this year’s Crossing Paths class and … Continued

What I’m Doing

This is my last newsletter column before I start my 4-month sabbatical on January 22nd. I’d like to take this time to answer questions about what is happening during my time away and to share my goals and plans with you. Who is taking over for you when you are on sabbatical? For children’s RE, … Continued

Unitarians’ Influence on How Americans Celebrate Christmas Today

Did you know Unitarians have had a profound influence on how Americans celebrate Christmas today? In the 1800s, the Unitarians were trendsetters. They were well educated, often wealthy, and had access to and control of popular publications. Christmas, the Unitarians believed, could be a holiday to promote their values of generosity and charity and social … Continued