Not the Usual Ask

by Robin Pugh, Director of Congregational Life

UUCWC has a history of stepping up to the plate when needed. It is a history we are proud of. We are a busy congregation, yet we always respond when we are needed.

You are needed now. The help I’m requesting is in our children’s program. This is not the usual ask for volunteer teachers. The involvement of our families is in a tender spot. We have very committed families but there are fewer of them than before the pandemic. This means a much smaller pool of volunteer teachers who have been teaching all year and need a break to avoid UUCWC teaching burn out. None of us wants our volunteers to leave UUCWC because of always having to teach. We love our families. They are important to the future of UUCWC. Won’t you sign up to be with our children for a few Sundays this summer?

The ask:
I’m looking for 3 volunteers for each Sunday from May through August.
I’ve created a program where you can drop in according to your schedule and volunteer according to your strengths.

There will be 2 classrooms: The project classroom and the quiet classroom. The 3 volunteers each Sunday are:
Project teacher: Engage the children in one activity for the hour. Build fairy houses, make trash sculptures, study one square foot outside, or ask me for ideas.
Project class monitor: No prep involved; your job is to keep order and help where needed.
Quiet class monitor: The quiet classroom is for kids who want to get in touch with their thoughtful or spiritual side. This room will have story cubes, picture books, clay, Legos and mandalas to color. Quiet music will be the only sound. Your job is to encourage kids to stay calm and quiet.

Our kids are usually between 5-11 years old. You can sign up here.
Thank You!