Author: UUCWC

HomeFront Tutoring Holiday Party Returns!

by Holly Bussey, Faith Expression Funding Team, and Sarah Burke, HomeFront Coordinator

December is upon us and giving from the heart can make all the difference.
Traditionally, our Monday Night Tutoring Program for the children of HomeFront has provided a holiday party. This year—we are back and … read more.

The Practice of Compassionate Communication

by Peter A. Rafle, Sr., Right Relations Committee

In our current era of misinformation and raised rhetoric, it has become even more important to possess the tools to resolve conflicts and create a basis for ongoing communication. One way of resolving conflict is to use the … read more.

Finance Committee Completes Major Initiatives

by Steve Saddlemire, Chair, Finance Committee

One of the Finance Committee’s primary initiatives from last fiscal year (2021/22) was to formalize several of the processes we follow when conducting business for the church. This included developing policies and procedures for:

• the Endowment Committee
• addressing budget overruns
… read more.

Supporting Our Congregants and Our Mission

by Pam Shadzik, Co-chair, Congregational Engagement

Congregational Engagement (CE) has continued the work of reimagining ways that our congregants can be involved in UUCWC in ways that nourish them and support our mission.

To that end, we sponsored a gathering in September where we partnered with Racial … read more.

Guest Musicians and Concert Series at UUCWC

by Erin Busch (she/her), Director of Music Ministry

It has been a joy to begin my tenure as your new Transitional Director of Music Ministry! It has been a busy start, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on with all of you.

Firstly, … read more.

Rainbow Principles of Multigenerational Ministry

by Sarah Ahrens, Director of Family Ministry

First, I would like to thank UUCWC for such a warm welcome this summer as I began in the role of Director of Family Ministry. It’s been a busy few months preparing for a return to programming for all … read more.

Ranked Choice Voting and the 8th Principle

by Geri Koblis, for the Racial Justice Ministry

If you have ever taken an online quiz or survey which presents multiple choice answers and asks you to fill in a number to indicate your most important choice to your least, you have done Ranked Choice Voting … read more.