Author: UUCWC

Where to Start?

by Lisa Schilansky, Intern Minister

I was having a conversation the other day about how Generation Z and those younger are growing up in a completely different world than Generation X, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation. The early 2000s brought the “Breaking News” panic crawl … read more.

The Hidden Savings Above Us!

by Mark Pokryska and Barbara Drew, for the Earth and Climate Ministry

We have a solar system! No, we do not mean the planets, moon, and stars. Our building’s solar system is much closer – just a few feet above us as we move about the … read more.

Mid-year Update on Our Church Finances

by Jim Sanders, Finance Chair, and Denny Rodgers, Treasurer

U.S. presidents declare in their State of the Union address each year that “the state of our Union is sound”; we too can say unequivocally that the state of our church is financially sound!

We are in the … read more.

Do You Know About Loaves and Fishes?

by Ed Dobrowolski and Ronnie Dobrowolski, Social Action Ministry

If you are new to UUCWC, you may not know the story behind Loaves and Fishes, one of our congregation’s longest-running social action outreach efforts. Loaves and Fishes is an organization that provides weekend meals for the … read more.

Democracy In Action Beyond Our Church Doors

by Michael Wilson and Leslie McGeorge, Faith Action Ministry

As Unitarian Universalists, we should all be interested in our democracy and how to make it work better for everyone. The word democracy means “the people rule.” If you think about it, all that we cherish and … read more.

What Can Making Amends Look Like in Today’s World

by Lisa Schilansky, Ministerial Intern

Every year the Unitarian Universalist Association selects a book for the Common Read. The Association then produces a curriculum for UU adults to use in discussing the book. The UUA provides additional materials for folks who do not join a … read more.

Generosity of Spirit

by Scott Blaydon, Stewardship Co-chair

The annual Stewardship pledge drive is in full swing! Everyone contributes to the church in a myriad of ways; however, the annual pledge is so essential to the continued vitality and functioning of our ministry, programs, staff positions, buildings, and … read more.

Exciting Musical Guests Are Coming This Spring!

by Dr. Erin Busch, Director of Music Ministry

One of my goals as your music director is to bring new voices and musical experiences into our Sunday services. I hope to accomplish this, not only through diverse programming, but also through our guest musician series. I’m … read more.

Allie’s Garden Thrived in 2023

by Al Johnson, Co-chair, Earth and Climate Ministry

Allie’s Organic Garden is tended by UUCWC’s Earth and Climate Ministry to provide vegetables for local food aid programs. We harvested in December with the help of the children from the Children and Youth Family Ministry, who braved … read more.

An Invitation to Pause in the New Year

by Lisa Schilansky, Ministerial Intern

As the calendar inches toward February, the New Year celebrations can already feel far away. Resolutions can feel difficult for some, or clichéd, or perhaps the most life-giving tradition you look forward to each year.

Rather than a suggestion of a resolution, … read more.