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Coming into Connection (Coming of Age for Adults)

The Coming of Age (COA) curriculum helps youth: discern for themselves what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist, individually and as part of the larger faith community; act on personal beliefs and values; and recognize and honor the movement of a youth from childhood to adolescence within the UU tradition. We know this year … Continued

Robin’s Sabbatical

Did you know that Robin Pugh has been leading our Religious Education program for 8 years?! Yes, this marks the beginning of her ninth year at UUCWC. She is the longest serving Director of Religious Education in UUCWC history. Because of that, it is an honor that we will have a unique opportunity while Robin … Continued

Beloved Conversations Panel: General Assembly 2017

On the Friday of General Assembly, three leaders of congregations that took Beloved Conversations were asked to share their reflections having done this hard and sacred work. Robin was one of those three! Speaking before thousands in person, and more online, the full script that Robin shared is below. It can also be found online … Continued

Encouraged and Inspired After General Assembly

I’ve just returned from the UUA’s General Assembly in New Orleans. The theme was “Resist and Rejoice”. To be honest, I approached this GA with curiosity and trepidation. I wondered about the health of our denomination after several troubling events at our national headquarters. These included: the resignation of former president Peter Morales, a UUA … Continued

The Religious Education Year in Review

We have had a wonderful year in children’s RE.  Our program is growing. We have 117 children and youth, that is15 children more than last year. We have several classes that are bursting from the seams with over 15 registered children. A lot of volunteers are needed to staff our cooperative growing program. This year … Continued

Fall Preview – Adult and Children’s RE

I have been busy planning for next fall. Here is a preview of what to expect in children’s and adult religious education. Adult Religious Education These ARE classes will deepen your spirit, broaden your faith and help you to connect with others. Coming Of Age for Adults: Modeled after the teenage yearlong program, Coming of … Continued

UU Summer Camps for All Ages

We are reprinting this article from last year, updated for 2017, because I think attending a UU summer camp or conference is so important to growing Unitarian Universalists of any age. They may not be able to articulate it well, but many lifelong Unitarian Universalists will tell you it was their participation in UU summer … Continued

Four Times In a Day for Faith-Building Opportunities

How do parents and caregivers raise a UU child? By talking to their children about being a Unitarian Universalist and modeling UU values. The Religious Education program at UUCWC teaches children UU values and traditions, but children learn and internalize their concepts of faith, morality, responsibility, and justice from their parents. I grew up Catholic … Continued

Children’s RE Classes Begin on Sept 18

Welcome back to those families that I haven’t seen this summer. Our intergenerational water ingathering service is on September 11th. Please bring a small amount of water from your home or a place you visited this summer. Religious education classes begin on September 18th. The RE Committee for Children and Youth (“RECCY”) and I have … Continued

Thank You to Our Children’s RE Teachers

I want to thank the 32 people who volunteered in our children’s Religious Education (RE) program this year. Our children’s lives have been enriched because of the dedication and commitment of these volunteer teachers. I may be the adult face of the children’s RE program, but our teachers are its heart because they care so … Continued