A Message from Rev. Kim: “Nex Benedict, we say your name”

Beloveds, What is it to condemn violence in a world such as ours? Today, let us fill our mouths with grief, exhale a loud and long cry of exhaustion, and weep at the cruel disconnection that lets children kill children.

For Nex Benedict and for every child and person for whom the boundaries of this world are deadly: we hold you in the most tender and protective spaces of our hearts today and always. Your life was bold, beautiful and fierce. You should have also been free to simply be.

May you be remembered for more than your death. May your death create an uprising against the systematic and intentional violence that is said to be freedom, that is dressed up in rights, that they would like to say protects us all. From what? From you. From life living honest and brave.

We should not have to be brave to be ourselves.

We should not have to be brave to use a bathroom.

Nex Benedict, we say your name. Our mouths are filled with grief.