The Possibilities of Our Generosity

by Rev. Kim Wildszewski

Everyone keeps saying: This is a once in a generation moment! And perhaps they’re right: The capital project, the staff team, the ways we are rethinking the use of our space and the way we engage our children, the depth of our relationships, the power of ritual and song, the purpose of our commitments. It’s a nice catch phrase – once in a generation – and I’m starting to believe it myself.

At UUCWC, we have always been ready and willing to say yes to wherever the spirit, the world, our people have called us. It’s not surprising to me that we’ve found ourselves (put ourselves) in this perfect time and location for something beautiful and powerful and new to unfurl. It’s not surprising to me that we are one of the very few congregations around the country that does not consider itself in hospice.

But, let’s be honest, it is a different thing to not entirely know what’s coming next – and still say a resounding Yes. To give our gifts of time, trust, energy, and money toward an ever-unfolding, somewhat unclear, future. And this is exactly what we’re asking for this year.

This is a rare moment in the life of this remarkable congregation. One that is filled with possibilities and depth, stability, and sustainability within our walls and in our work outside them. Thank you for your trust, your enthusiasm, and your generosity. The only way forward is together.