A Letter to the President Elect

Four years ago ministers all over the country and from every denomination wondered how they would speak a word of wisdom or hope. In preparation for the uncertainty of these next weeks, I found the sermon I offered you in November, 2016, in the … read more.

Punishment and Universalism

Dear Friends,

I’ve heard from many of you that the sermon from August 16, on Punishment & Universalism, was especially timely and meaningful. Below are excerpts from that sermon. As always, you can listen to it in full on our website under worship and … read more.

Rev. Kim’s Summer Schedule

Friends, it has been good to be with you these last two Sundays.  
I know there have been some questions about my schedule and availability. 
I’ve shared my return plan with the Board and Staff leadership but wish to do so with all of you, … read more.

Showing Up For The Beloved Community

This past Sunday, Rev. Marlin Lavanhar spoke about how grief is like staring nose-to-nose with a painting. You can’t see anything else. You can’t even see the painting in all its detail; it’s all-encompassing. But then, with time, things start to come into focus; … read more.

Letter from Rev. Kim

day Malcolm’s death and absence descend on us in new ways. This cruel
time has only been softened by the awe-inducing love of our villages. 
We are grateful for each of you and for the countless ways you have and
continue to hold us … read more.

Letter From Rev. Kim

Dear Friends,

Of all the times I wrote out the script in my head – of our first conversation after sabbatical, I assure you, it did not sound like this.

First off, I am still, somehow, I think, within the bounds of my sabbatical … read more.

The Sabbatical Team Welcomes Questions

Rev. Kim’s sabbatical began in late December with a wonderful send-off, and will continue until May 3, when we celebrate her return. During her journey of Rediscovery, the Sabbatical Team is available to you for questions or assistance about the day-to-day operations of the … read more.