The Power of Persistence and Perseverance

by Susan Irgang, Congregational Administrator

Don’t ever think that one person can’t make a difference. Our Racial Justice Ministry (RJM) noted that Ewing Township had not passed a resolution endorsing the enactment of the New Jersey Reparations Task Force Act. On behalf of RJM, Ewing resident Denny Rodgers decided to do something.

In December 2023, Denny reached out to the Ewing Township Council to bring the legislation, Bills A602/S3164, to their attention, and asked that they join the other municipalities in endorsing it. He even provided them with a copy of the Lawrence Township resolution as a template. Receiving no immediate response, in January Denny reached out again, asking if any discussion had taken place. He received an apology and a promise that the resolution would be discussed with the Council President. With still no definitive response, Denny and Ministerial Intern Lisa Schilansky attended a Council meeting, noting that they represented UUCWC’s 300+ members in requesting that Ewing join Trenton, Lawrence, Princeton, and the Mercer County Commissioners in this important commitment.

Finally, persistence paid off. Denny received notice on May 30th that Ewing issued a formal Resolution endorsing the enactment of Bills A602/S3164, the “New Jersey Reparations Task Force Act.” On behalf of our RJM, Denny persevered even when no responses were received, and he accomplished his goal. Denny shares, “Next up, Hamilton, with David Thomas.”