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Capital Campaign Update – May 2019

In April, the Steering Committee met to review and plan next steps. The civil engineers have been out to survey our property and will give results to our architect for planning. Once these plans are approved by the township zoning department the architect will provide … read more.

Capital Campaign/Project Update – April 2019

In March, the Steering Committee met with church staff and Food Ministry representatives to get their input on the use of space as presented in the preliminary architectural drawings provided by our architect, David B. Singer. Van Note Harvey was hired as our civil engineering … read more.

Capital Campaign/Project Update – February 2019

The Capital Campaign Steering Committee reviewed preliminary architectural drawings at our meeting in January. These include plans for expanded classroom, office, and storage space, kitchen renovations, and an elevator. There are three main constraints that limit our expansion. The first is a strict limit on … read more.

Capital Campaign/Project Update – January 2019

As we all share a collective sigh of relief that the parking improvements are mostly completed, the Building and Renovations sub-committee has moved on to the next stage of our capital improvement planning. We hired an architect, David B. Singer, who is developing schematics based … read more.

Capital Project and Parking Update

by Jayme Trott, Co-Chair, Capital Campaign Committee

You may have heard rumors that we have finally received approval from the last required organization for the parking project to move forward. Actually, it is more like we have approval to move forward to get more approvals!

At the … read more.

Parking and Capital Campaign Updates

by Jayme Trott, Co-Chair

Despite rumors to the contrary, the Parking and Capital Campaign efforts did not go on holiday over the summer! In fact, considerable progress has been made on both projects and we have reason to believe that improved and expanded parking will be … read more.

Capital Campaign Update

The Capital Campaign Steering Committee is grateful to all UUCWC members and friends who have pledged their support to this once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in real and lasting improvements to UUCWC. To date, 127 households have pledged almost $916,000 toward our goal of $1.1 million. … read more.

Capital Campaign Update – What’s Happening


July was a busy month for the Strategic Vision Task Force (SVTF), as time has been spent collating all the input from congregational feedback regarding the visions of how to make our spiritual home even better. Since June, there have been five informational meetings and … read more.