Capital Campaign and Construction Update

by Jayme Trott, Capital Campaign Team

Thanks to all the generous members and friends who pledged and donated to the Capital Campaign, we are in very good financial shape. Key project elements are:

  • total pledged: $1,313, 940, with $167,219 still to be collected through 2026
  • total collected (including Chalice Lighter Grant and a bequest): $1,239,159
  • total spent to date: $358,414
  • anticipated further expenses: $1,067,345.

Due to cost savings from the change in contractors and the level of pledging, we may not need to borrow more than $20,000 of the approved $325,000 bank loan.

We have signed contracts with Mizu Contracting, LLC for both phases of the project. Phase 1 includes outside demolition, excavation, and related concrete work. Phase 2 will include interior demolition in the kitchen and the Crossings room. As a reminder, the Capital Project plans and schematics can be found here.

We anticipate Phase 1 work to run through the end of March, weather permitting. The Phase 2 schedule is not yet set, but interior demolition may overlap with Phase 1. This may mean that we will be unable to use the kitchen or Crossings room for activities starting in early or mid-March.

Jayme Trott and Susan Vigilante, Co-Chairs, Capital Campaign