Topic: Story

Habits of the Heart

Rev. Kim will share lessons from time away, and for returning.

God of Horizons

Today, UUCWC welcomes guest speaker Erol Delos Santos.

Religion has the potential to spark inspiration, transformational beauty, and revolutionary peace. It also has the potential to cause violence, uphold oppressive systems, and untold trauma. We must always choose the path of love, community, and liberation.

Today, we … read more.

Dance in the Desert, Bring a Tambourine

As our second pandemic summer approaches, some days may feel almost normal, while others still bring us to our knees. Rev. Erin Walter, a music minister from Austin, TX, join us to reflect on joy practices for hard times. This service will include the poetry of Rainer Maria … read more.

Spring for Change: Pathways for Healing

our house is on fire, life is threatened in our social ‘dis’order. black, trans, queer, fem human bodies to jungles, oceans, and thousands of species driven to extinction, life is hunted, comofidied, and abused. this wake of harm is not faceless. in the story of … read more.

Listen: To Heal, Liberate, and Love

there is deep satisfaction in being listened to, in being understood. in my life i’ve learned the art of deep listening is an imperative to liberation work and healing ourselves and our communities. this mother’s day we will stretch into this practice through stories and … read more.

Foundational Stories

Wouldn’t it be handy if we had a common set of stories that we could count on most Unitarian Universalists knowing? It could be great shorthand, similar to how Christians can say “sow your seeds in the good soil,” and most will understand the reference … read more.

On Being Called Out, Called In and Showing Up

Religious Educator Christina Rivera will preach this Sunday about what servant leadership can look like in these times of change in Unitarian Universalism. And how showing up for leadership means responding in new ways to being called out and called in.

August Theme: Story
Our lives … read more.

On Stories

Rev. Kim uses stories to reflect on a quote by American Reform Theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr, that asks us to consider hope, faith, love and forgiveness.

August Theme: Story
Our lives are not just made up of stories; they are are also made by stories. This might … read more.

Engaged Buddhism

Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese monk who advocated for peace during the Vietnam War and is one of the best-selling authors of Buddhism in the world, coined the term “Engaged Buddhism” to summarizes the need to engage in the suffering of this world and the … read more.