Speaker: Rev. yadenee hailu

Dress Up & Daydreaming

UUCWC will be holding one virtual service at 10am. Please check here for details.

this month, we are making mud pies and playing pretend! play is a superpower and necessary for sustaining a love and liberation revolution. this sunday, come dressed up in fun glasses, … read more.

Spring for Change: Pathways for Healing

our house is on fire, life is threatened in our social ‘dis’order. black, trans, queer, fem human bodies to jungles, oceans, and thousands of species driven to extinction, life is hunted, comofidied, and abused. this wake of harm is not faceless. in the story of … read more.

Listen: To Heal, Liberate, and Love

there is deep satisfaction in being listened to, in being understood. in my life i’ve learned the art of deep listening is an imperative to liberation work and healing ourselves and our communities. this mother’s day we will stretch into this practice through stories and … read more.