Speaker: Erol Delos Santos


The story of the indigenous people in the Philippines provides a unique lens for understanding neocolonialism. For centuries, these groups have been marginalized and left to survive on their own without access to basic resources while their ancestral lands were taken away and exploited. Join … read more.

Decanter of Endless Water

Understanding humanism and different faith traditions is essential to foster a culture of diverse perspectives and spiritual experiences. As we gain a better understanding about different traditions, we can appreciate how each contributes something unique to our shared humanity. Join us this Sunday, July 16, … read more.

God of Horizons

Today, UUCWC welcomes guest speaker Erol Delos Santos.

Religion has the potential to spark inspiration, transformational beauty, and revolutionary peace. It also has the potential to cause violence, uphold oppressive systems, and untold trauma. We must always choose the path of love, community, and liberation.

Today, we … read more.