Topic: Curiosity

How Curiosity Leads to Right Relations

Curiosity drives the acquisition of all knowledge. Knowledge about our fellow congregants, their needs and sensitivities, etc. enables right relations. Curiosity about unexpected negative reactions to interactions with fellow congregants is the starting point for reconciliation.

May Theme: Curiosity
There is a type of curiosity that … read more.

Coming of Age Service

As a rite of passage, our Coming of Age service represents our youth’s transition from childhood to adulthood.  After a year of personal and spiritual exploration, discernment and growth, our ninth, tenth and eleventh graders share their religious understandings and commitments with the congregation. Come … read more.

Saying Goodbye Gracefully

How do we wrest meaning from the hard moments of saying goodbye? In this service, Hannah will consider the ways we each avoid but must confront what it means when one chapter ends and another begins. As her final sermon from the pulpit of UUCWC, … read more.

Who We Are

200 years ago this weekend William Ellery Channing preached his famous “Baltimore Sermon” in which he addressed the epithet of being a Unitarian. To kick off May’s theme on Curiosity, this Sunday we explore Channing’s radical work and wonder together on who we are … read more.