Speaker: Hannah Gallo

Saying Goodbye Gracefully

How do we wrest meaning from the hard moments of saying goodbye? In this service, Hannah will consider the ways we each avoid but must confront what it means when one chapter ends and another begins. As her final sermon from the pulpit of UUCWC, … read more.

Earth Ministry

A week before Earth Day, Hannah Gallo and our Earth Ministry team leads worship.

April Theme: Wholeness
We Unitarian Universalists understand the urge to restore what once was. But our faith teaches us that this is just not how the world works. Transition and change rule … read more.

Love That is Inescapable

How has love taken form for Unitarian Universalists and how does it today? Rev. Kim, Robin Pugh and Hannah Gallo offer a service on Love that is Inescapable, Convicted, and Sustaining.

February Theme: Trust
In religious circles, “trust talk” most often revolves around having faith that … read more.

Q & A for the Ministerial Fellowship Committee

Hannah Gallo, UUCWC’s Ministerial Resident, meets with the Ministerial Fellowship Committee to determine her readiness for ministry at the end of March. In preparation, come ask her questions – theological, congregational, historical – and hear her answers as the sermon portion of our time together. … read more.

Our Appetite for Violence

The Sunday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth is heavy with expectations–what do we do with the expectations we place on ourselves and others to live into the legacy of MLK? What is the message we would receive today from the civil rights … read more.

Hanging of the Greens

Join once again in our annual Hanging of the Greens multigenerational celebration! In honor of the pagan appreciation and rituals of the evergreen, together we will sing, decorate, and come together to deck our sanctuary halls.

Memory as Humanity

Is memory something we hold in our minds, our hearts, or our bodies? Perhaps all three? Hannah Gallo will be preaching this Sunday on this month’s theme of memory and the ways in which memory is both fickle and faithful to our sense of self.

Music … read more.