Coming of Age Service

As a rite of passage, our Coming of Age service represents our youth’s transition from childhood to adulthood.  After a year of personal and spiritual exploration, discernment and growth, our ninth, tenth and eleventh graders share their religious understandings and commitments with the congregation. Come to this moving service to hear and celebrate our youth.

* Please note that we are starting our summer service schedule today, so there will be one service at 10:00am.  We will resume with two services on Sunday, September 15.

May Theme: Curiosity
There is a type of curiosity that is about enjoyment and adventure. It invites us to experience life as a playground. But there is another type of curiosity that leads to consequences, that changes us. This kind of curiosity is about more than enjoyment. Indeed, it’s the kind that drives us past enjoyment and comfort. It’s not about enriching oneself; it’s about altering oneself.