Saying Goodbye Gracefully

How do we wrest meaning from the hard moments of saying goodbye? In this service, Hannah will consider the ways we each avoid but must confront what it means when one chapter ends and another begins. As her final sermon from the pulpit of UUCWC, Hannah will reflect on the moments of learning and growth that happened between all of us this year as a teaching congregation.

Music by Kari Steinert and Renee Cologne.

May Theme: Curiosity
There is a type of curiosity that is about enjoyment and adventure. It invites us to experience life as a playground. But there is another type of curiosity that leads to consequences, that changes us. This kind of curiosity is about more than enjoyment. Indeed, it’s the kind that drives us past enjoyment and comfort. It’s not about enriching oneself; it’s about altering oneself.


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