Each month, UUCWC celebrates a theme with opportunities for you to deepen your connection within, among and beyond our community.  

June’s theme is the Gift of Renewal. Experience this month’s theme by pulling out of the space of thinking and into the space of doing. Here are some ways to become a part of something larger this month:

Important Dates:  
June 2 Annual Meeting at 11:30am, check your email for details
June 9 Flower Communion, Concert and Potluck Picnic, see below for details

If you are looking for opportunities among others, as you Create Community:

  • Summer Children’s Faith Engagement: Passions of Our Community begins June 16 and runs through until Sept 1.
  • Science Circle: Science, Technology and Our Future, June 4 at 7pm, multiplatform**. Discuss recent scientific and technological discoveries and how they impact our self-understanding and rapidly changing future.
  • The last Finance Committee meeting of the current Fiscal Year is June 10 at 7pm on Zoom.  There will be openings for at-large members; contact Finance@uucwc.org to be a guest at this month’s meeting!
  • Socratic Group, June 11, 1pm, in-person.  Begun as part of ROMEOs, this group discusses a philosophical, ethical, or cultural/political question chosen at the time by those attending.  
  • Earth & Climate Ministry Team Meeting and Potluck Picnic,  Monday June 17 at 6 pm, outdoors at UUCWC, weather permitting. . 
  • Outdoor Adventures Hike, June 19 at 1:30pm at Mercer Meadows, Rosedale Lake, 424 Federal City Rd, Pennington, NJ.   Allow for 1.5 for hike with options for shorter or longer hiking per preference.  For details and to RSVP that you are attending, email OutdoorAdventures@uucwc.org
  • ROMEOs (Retired Old Men Eating Out) Luncheon, June 18 at 12pm. For details and toRSVP, email romeos@uucwc.org.
  • JULIETS in June on a Wednesday this time– cuz It’s Nutts! The restaurant It’s Nutts gives 10% back to UUCWC for dining receipts any Wednesday, when you put UUCWC on the back of the check. (Funds are disbursed to UUCWC at the end of the month.) This month’s JULIETs luncheon will be there (1382 River Road, Titusville, NJ) on Wednesday, June 19 at 12:00pm. RSVP to Barbara Drew.
  • Tending the Flame, June 24th at 7:30pm. Parents and caregivers are invited to drop in for a 1-hour time of facilitated connection, support and sharing. Contact rpugh@uucwc.org
  • General Assembly Super Sunday for Children’s Faith Engagement on June 23
  • Crossing Chorale, in-person rehearsals on Sundays at 12:30pm.  Ability to read music is not a requirement! Email Erin Busch at ebusch@uucwc.org.
  • Friday Night Sing-A-Long, every week with a different theme at 8pm on Zoom**.  The Weekly Announcement email has details.
  • CLUUSTERS Biking Group, for those who enjoy a two-wheeled way to be in good company.  To learn more, contact Michael Howe-Smith/the office at uucwc@uucwc.org.
  • 80’s Group for those in their 80s and beyond to connect online or in person.  Contact Robin Pugh for details at rpugh@uucwc.org.

**Check your Weekly Announcements for the link information or contact the office at uucwc@uucwc.org.

Click here for the full listing of all opportunities to Celebrate Life, Create Community and Change the World.