Each month, UUCWC celebrates a theme with opportunities for you to deepen your connection within, among and beyond our community.  

May’s theme is the Gift of Pluralism. Experience this month’s theme by pulling out of the space of thinking and into the space of doing. Here are some ways to become a part of something larger this month:

Special Auction Dates to Remember!
May 1 – be sure to register for the Online Auction, “Celebrating Our Connections!” 
May 3 – Friday, 6-8 pm Kick-off Party with live musical entertainment, food and display of times.  Tickets at the door $25/person. 
May 4 – Saturday Online auction opens at 9 am! Be generous, help us reach our financial goal and exceed it with 50% of surplus benefitting TASK.
May 11 – Saturday, 9 pm the auction closes.
May 19 – Auction winnings distribution begins

Save the Dates: 
May 19th Congregational Budget Meeting

June 2nd Annual Meeting

If you are seeking ways in and beyond our walls to Change the World

  • Raise Right gift card orders are due by May 9th for distribution on Sunday, May 19th. For info, contact raiseright@uucwc.org.
  • Earth & Climate Ministry Team Meeting on Monday, May 20 at 7 pm. Plans for Green Sanctuary and River Friendly activities FMI: earthministry@uucwc.org.
  • CFA-FAITH FUNDING Meeting, May 21st at 7pm online only. Learn and be part of determining what groups outside our walls receive our 50% plate $. All are welcome. Contact faithfunding@uucwc.org if interested.
  • May 30th in the morning will be a rally at State House for the NJ  Reparations Task Force legislation. Our meeting with Sen Zwicker’s Chief of State made it clear we are not making enough noise about this and need to get on their radar screens. We will need to get out people to attend.

**Check your Weekly Announcements for the link information or contact the office at uucwc@uucwc.org.

Click here for the full listing of all opportunities to Celebrate Life, Create Community and Change the World.