Speaker: Scott Cullen

Annual Generations Service

Various generations representing different decades in age (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s) reflect on a work of art (poem, novel, short story, movie, piece of music, song, painting, or sculpture) that moves or influences them, provides them with insight and/or comfort, or brings … read more.

I Take My Chances: The Choices We Make

Annual Generations Service

In this all virtual Zoom service, members of the congregation, representing different generations from teens to 90s, reflect on the question, “What change did you experience or what mattered because you were somewhere at some point in time?” This special service is organized and … read more.

My Favorite Year

Members from the congregation representing different decades share a memory from their favorite year, focusing on an event or events that have been influential to their personal or spiritual journey. One service at 10am.

December Theme: Awe
Awe reduces our size in order to make … read more.

Reflections on Change

A meditation on the influences, people, and events that shape and change our lives and what we’ve learned from those changes. Maria Baratta, Scott Cullen, and Bay Waltman each share personal reflections of life events that changed them along with poems, readings, and songs of … read more.