Take This Job and Love It!

We spend nearly a third of our lives working. For some of us that time is spent at jobs we didn’t necessarily love, maybe even loathed, but over time have come to appreciate those experiences for the doors they opened, the self-awareness they brought, and the resilience they instilled in us. Through stories and music, we’ll explore our spiritual, emotional, and intellectual connection to work.

July Theme: Letting Go

“When cast into the depths, to survive, we must first let go of things that will not save us. Then we must reach out for the things that can.” — Rev. Forrest Church

Letting go must be followed up by reaching out. Or maybe it’s better to say opening up. Indeed, the tragedy of grasping so tightly is not simply that we anchor ourselves to that which burdens us, but that we end up shutting out that which is trying to save and feed us. Letting go is ultimately about letting in. It’s really about making room.